The Editor


2. Chapter 1

"As I turned away from Maddoxs grave, I sighed knowing that if I stayed any longer, I wouldnt have enough time to get ready for the party. But, suddnely, I felt as though I was being watched. I quickly started to walk to my car whensuddenly I heard a twig break. I thought I was going crazy. I turned around only to see the hill and Maddoxs grave. I opened the car door and then a bag was put over my head and I fell into a deep sleep.' And that is my entry for the school short story compition! What do you think Kara? Do you like?"

That was my best friend Liz asking me what I thought about her short story. (Obiously!) to be honest, that sounded like a prolouge more than anything. I would know, because I am a book editor. Millions of authors come to me when they need it. I try my best to have all the book drafts become books, but then I have to remind myself that if that book doesnt make it on the market then- Sorry, getting off track. Liz always wanted to be a writer. And though she was a good one, she always would abandone her drafts.

Let me intorduce myself, I am Kara Oaks, 21 years old and apperintly the best editor out there. In case you dont know what that is, I have authors with writen drafts of their stories before they are made into stories to make sure that there are no mistakes. I am currently single and both my parents hate me for some reason. Anyway, enough about my boring life. I knew that Liz really wanted me to say, "Er meh gurd!! Put a cover and a cool back drop and then you got yourself a world wide classic!!" But, I couldnt lie to her, so I was honest and said, "Its good, but this is a short story, not a prolouge conest. So, maybe use this as a "blue print" for your story. Then, you would have something!" She gave her look that she gives me whenever i go editor on her.

Her phone buzzed. "Hey, listen Kara, my mom says that I actually can come to dinner, so I got to go...! Love Ya!!!!!!!!! Bye!!!" I laughed as she got up and left me to myself.

Then my phone rang, and i didnt reconized the number. It was probably just someone wanting to have me be their editor. "Hello? This isKara Oaks, how can I help you?" There was a short silence. "Hey, this is Niall Horan and i was wondering, could you be the editor of my biography?!" All i could think was OMG!!!

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