One More Day

Jaci Cook has been threatened to be kicked off the girls basketball team because of her lack of credits in the music category. The only way to stay on the team is to join choir for a semester. With Basketball and when a certain boyband comes to town, Will her burning Lungs be able to endure to the end?


21. We're back, tell a friend.

I slowly guided Jaci into the doctors office where he waited for us patiently. This was the day we all have been waiting for: Jaci finally gets to go home.

"In order to fully recover from this, you have to make sure to avoid too much lung activity at all costs. No running, smoking, singing, or any physical activity of the sort.'


Jaci began to tear up "Forever?" 

The doctor reassured her "Just for the time being."


Jaci leaned into my shoulder and began to cry, weeping words in between sobs saying "That was my scholarship."


"You're lucky you're still alive though," The doctor added

I glared at him before guiding Jaci out of the hospital and into my car.


"Do you have to go to school today?" She pleaded

"I do if I want to graduate."


she looked at me with remorse before bowing her head

"You could come with me, you know" I smiled.

"Everyone will laugh at me." she said taking off her beanie to reveal her head. I stopped at a light and looked over at her head before placing a kiss on the top. she grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight

"I'll be right there next to you." I whispered.

We pulled up and I parked before I opened her door for her.

"Are you nervous?" She walked beside me towards the door

"Why would I be?" I said opening the door

"Harry, Your girlfriend is bald." She stated

I interrupted "My girlfriend is alive and healthy, and that's all I could ever ask for."


She grabbed my hand and squeezed it with a smile on her face. We walked into the office holding our breath. The secretaries greeted her with hugs and some front desk candies before giving our slips to admit us to class.

"You'll be okay?" I said putting my arm around her. 

"I guess." she sighed

I walked her to class and kissed her hand as she walked away. Walking to my class I realized I never properly asked her out. I just kinda sang to her. Then it hit me.

I never have even kissed her.

All of math I sat thinking of romantic ways I could impress her. should I learn how to play basketball? no that would make her want to play. Should I kiss her in the rain? In the middle of April I couldn't expect much rain to come considering it was hot outside.

When the bell rang I gathered my things and met her in the main area of the school next to Ellie and a group of girls I had never seen before. 

"Whats going on?" I asked 

"Harry styles?" A girl hyperventilated

"Not now shandy." One girl elbowed her in the rib cage causing her to wince in pain. 

"Our team should have won in districts.." A girl with a blonde ponytail said placing her hands on her hips.

"Well you didn't win because you're team sucks." said Brocklynn.

"We all know you slutbags bribed the coach with your v cards to win so stop acting like you're better." The blonde girl laughed

Brocklynn blushed and slowly hid behind Jaci who was red with anger.

Jaci stayed calm until this moment where she snapped with anger

"Because you thought that you're outfit you're wearing was cute this morning, I think its safe to assume that you're wrong about alot of things, just like districts. and we will take you again, and kick your hairy-"

"Jaci!" I screamed grabbing her arm and yanking her away from the group of girls 

"You know you can't play."

"I'm not just gonna sit here and let them talk about Sammy that way."

"You guys already won, just let it go."

Slowly the group of fighting girls worked their way over to us before talking again.

"We can take your snarky comments to the court this Saturday. Winner takes district champions."

"bring it, whore." Ellie hissed before the blonde girl flipped her ponytail and walked passed me whispering something in my hear

"Lets just hope by the time this is all over, you can get a girlfriend with actual hair." she winked 

"Harry..." Jaci said busting into tears and running over to me for a hug.

"Ignore her Jaci"

"NO." Jaci walked away. "I'm not. I'm keeping my district trophy, and my scholarship, and winning the district rematch."

"Jaci you heard what the doctor said."

"What did the doctor say?" Ellie interrupted 

"Jaci you're not playing in that game Saturday." I ordered

"I won't play hard I promise." Jaci pleaded "I'm not going back to the hospital anytime soon. were winning this."


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