One More Day

Jaci Cook has been threatened to be kicked off the girls basketball team because of her lack of credits in the music category. The only way to stay on the team is to join choir for a semester. With Basketball and when a certain boyband comes to town, Will her burning Lungs be able to endure to the end?


1. The Principals Office

"Keep me on the team or I'm dropping out of school." I crossed my arms

"Well you still can be on the team-" he stuttered

"You just have to do a music class or you cannot graduate"

"How will i get any homework done when you are shoving classes down my throat."

"Now hold on" He started, "this is not my fault. If you would have taken the time to sign up for some before senior year maybe you would have still been able to free up your time."

I sighed "What classes are there anyway."

he suddenly got excited and whipped out his senior yearbook "Well when I was a senior, I was the leading trumpet in the Orchestra."

"Is their anything else?"

disappointed, he put his yearbook away and grabbed a list of classes. Handing me the list, I frantically scanned it for any other options until my eye caught the words "Choir S/B"

"Whats this?" I asked slightly pointing at the small words under the list of band options

"oh that" He mumbled "that is the school choir. the S/B stands for Soprano and Bass. Its a mixed choir with the girls and boys that they-"

I interrupted "fine"

"Great! I'll hurry and switch your schedule so you can start that class today!" he said taking the list and leaving me with my thoughts to ponder.

I am going to kill myself. I hate singing, and everyone in the class is so loserly. If it wasn't the last semester of my senior year, I would just retire. I should have just dropped out a long time ago so I wouldn't have wasted so much time in hell.

The principle entered the room with my new schedule and handed it to me. "Its right now so you better hurry before school ends."

I grabbed my bag and trudged down the hall to the choir room. If it wasn't already the end of the school day I would have just ditched, but he already told the choir teacher I was coming down. I swallowed my pride to preserve it for later before pushing open the door to find out I was wrong. Some of the coolest kids in school were here. I don't know why though, choir is almost as nerdy as a reading club or band. I found a seat next to a couple of girls that I've talked to before, and sat down.


Suddenly the choir teacher ran out from the back room "Don't sit there! i need you to be a soprano, so you need to sit over there. A soprano has the highest notes in the choir."

he pointed on the opposite side of the room in a corner full of weirdies. Lazily, I grabbed my bag and dragged myself over to the corner I was assigned and sat down next to a boy with curly hair.

"My names Harry." He said in the lowest voice i've ever heard a teenager have

before I could respond with my name I asked "How are you a soprano? Soprano's have the highest notes in the choir."

"There was no room in alto, which is the lowest." he responded looking up towards the board

I smirked "You must really have wanted to be in choir didn't you, Harry?"

"don't you?" He questioned

"Not really."


"Can you stand up dear" The choir teacher said causing everyone to focus on me. With hesitation, I stood up awkwardly and waited for the teacher to say something.

"Everyone, this is Jaci Cook. she is the newest soprano." The teacher said making me feel more awkward than i thought possible. everyone cheerfully said hello before i sat back down and buried my face in my folded arms.

"If you don't like choir why are you here?" Harry asked making me frustrated

"Its a long story." I sighed

"Okay everyone stand up." The teacher said opening up the lid of the piano telling us to repeat after him. Immediately as I hit the high notes i was supposed to hit my lungs burned with need of oxygen. Ignoring the pain, I kept singing like i was told. If I was going to re-join the basketball team, i need to get a good grade in this class.


Singing is alot harder than i thought. If i sing too loud people look at me funny, but if i sing too soft I get in trouble for not singing loud enough. When he asked us to sing a few notes that weren't the harmony, I about died. I messed up so many times, even Harry next to me noticed.

Its kind of ironic how his name is Harry when he has a Head full of curls. Its almost as if his mother named him that on purpose. Suddenly I realized I was looking up at harry's hair for too long, and quickly turned away, but it was too late. He had noticed i was "Admiring" his curls and smiled before looking back up towards the teacher and sang more.


I hated this class. I sit next to a weirdo, my lungs burned, I can't get any of the notes right, and I don't have a single close friend in this class. Interrupting my thoughts, the bell rang and i grabbed my bag and bolted out the door before the teacher stopped me.

"Jaci" He stated "You have a wonderful voice"

was he serious? All those people were giving me the nastiest looks so how could It be any good?

"Oh I don't sing. I like basketball."

"Well, you could give it a try." The teacher said before walking me to the door and shutting it behind me.

 I never want to sing again. Those people made me feel like a loser for singing too soft. I walked down the hall and met up with my friends to tell them how I hated life, and  that I never wanted to go back, even though I know I would have to return tomorrow.

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