One More Day

Jaci Cook has been threatened to be kicked off the girls basketball team because of her lack of credits in the music category. The only way to stay on the team is to join choir for a semester. With Basketball and when a certain boyband comes to town, Will her burning Lungs be able to endure to the end?


16. The Old Me

"Are you ready?" Ellie opened the door of my hospital room in a rush and started setting up this stuff.

"What do you mean?" I asked

"I'm giving you a makeover!" Ellie squealed

I hesitated "Oh no Ellie i'm not putting anything on."

She sighed "Pleeeeeease?"

I gave in "Fine but not too much."

Before I knew it she had already piled on mascara and was working her way onto eyeliner

"No matter how much makeup you put on, I will still look hideous." I began to sob

"No don't say that." Ellie hushed "You're still prettier than Brocklynn."

"Hey I have a question" I interrupted "If Brocklynn is your friend, why do you always talk bad about her when you are with me?"

"Because I like you more." Ellie squeaked while putting on my lip gloss.

"and i am... Done." She hesitated adding the last bit of blush 

She handed me a mirror and I looked at it closely. Every flaw on my face was gone, but all I saw was a girl with no hair. My eyes welled up and I began to have blurry vision, looking at the mirror, all I could make out was a bald girl, with no beauty whatsoever. 

"Don't cry." Ellie said taking the mirror away from me "At least you aren't dying." 

"But I am Ellie!" I shrieked and shoved her away. She looked at me with remorse

"You don't know that."

"Yes I do!" I whaled "The doctor said there was a 65% chance of me passing away within the month."

"But that's a 45% chance that you wont Jaci!" Ellie snapped causing me to calm down.

"I'll come back later. You, calm down why i'm gone okay?" she said leaving her makeup supplies and shutting the door behind her.

The room was quiet. The sun had gone down and all there was left to do was sleep. No doubt in my mind Ellie had gone to the concert that started ten minutes ago. I thought about Harry and Brocklynn singing, and him brushing his fingers through her hair on stage. 

In my thoughts, I picked up the mirror Ellie had left and examined myself again. I wiped away the smeared makeup and re-did it the way I wanted myself to look. When I was done I actually didn't see a fake person, or a bald cancer patient, I saw me. The old me with brown hair thicker than anyone else's. 

I was interrupted by someone when the door open and in walked Harry, dressed up in a tux. It was a surprise for sure, but the bigger surprise was the look on his face when he saw I had no hair, It wasn't terrified or sorrow, but a smile. No doubt he was laughing at me inside.

"If you came here to look at my head I think you've had enough." I snapped pointing at the door

"No, I didn't." His sorrow turned into a small smirk, and I put my hand down leaning back on the headrest.

"Then why are you here?" I asked sadly

"I want you to come to the concert." he smiled.

"But harry I-" 

"Please." He stated looking into my eyes almost as if he was about to cry as well.

"I just can't" I cried looking down as a tear fell

"And why not?" He asked while moving so his eyes met with mine. "The doctor said you should be fine to leave for awhile in a wheelchair."

"I can't work those very well and I have been in this bed for so-"

He interrupted "Then I'll carry you."

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