One More Day

Jaci Cook has been threatened to be kicked off the girls basketball team because of her lack of credits in the music category. The only way to stay on the team is to join choir for a semester. With Basketball and when a certain boyband comes to town, Will her burning Lungs be able to endure to the end?


2. The Email

"JACI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Brocklynn screamed at me as I dribbled down the court.

I ran close to the board and made a lay up but failed miserably falling on my back and hitting my tailbone with a thud.

"What is wrong with you?!?" Brocklynn shouted picking up the ball "You are SO lucky this was a practice, idiot."

Brocklynn has had it out for me since I got into high school. I heard she thinks i'm going to take her scholarship to Harvard or something. I guess she thinks if she gets into my head, i'll play bad. 

"Not cool Cook." Coach Meyers said giving me a hand to my feet. 

"I would have made it if I had put my hair up" I sighed tugging on my brown hair nervously.

she sighed "I just don't know if I can put you in any of the games anymore, Cook."

Something in me snapped, and I immediately ran to the middle of the court where the rest of the girls were playing, stole the ball and made it into the hoop from where I was standing with one flick of the wrist. Feeling proud, I threw my hair over my shoulder and started to strut down to the locker room to put my ball away before I saw Harry behind the bleachers with a cart full of basketballs. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked putting my basketball back on the rack. He definitely was not planning on playing anytime soon.

"I'm basketball manager." he said fixing the order of the ball I had just placed on the rack.

"cool" I murmured while walking away before he spoke 

"I saw you play, you are really good." he shrugged

i sighed "Thanks" and went to wash up. Grabbing my gym bag, I overheard Brocklynn talking to some other girl I've never bothered to introduce myself to. 

"And were doing Only Hope in choir, and I am going to try out for the solo" She stated proudly

"What are you doing in choir?" I interrupted

she sassed "Unlike you, I actually enjoy singing. Plus, the new basketball manager is in choir. I'm pretty sure he only signed up for basketball manager to watch me play." 

"Good for you Brocklynn." I snarled

"I know" She gasped "What if we both get a duet for the solo?!?!?!" 

"I doubt it." I mumbled and walked out with my bag over my shoulder. I suddenly wasn't in the mood to shower at school anymore. I walked outside threw my bag into my car then realized the battery was shot. Repeatedly, I turned the car on but no luck. Calling my best friend, Ellie, I explained to her I needed her to jump start my car. Within minutes, she pulled up in her slug bug parking it next to my truck and charged the battery. 

"Thanks Ellie" I said in relief

"No problem girl." she said picking up the chords "Pizza."

Even though I smelled like B/O I still went with it and we went to her house to watch some movie with her parents pirated copy. Not paying attention to the movie, we pained our nails and talked about people.

"Do you know who really grinds my gears? Brocklynn James." Ellie snarled

"Tell me about it." I sighed "Just today she almost got me off the first game."

"Dang girl." Ellie said "I'm just glad she isn't on the cheer team or I would-"

"I know, I know" I smiled "Some people aren't as lucky as you."

suddenly the girl in the movie gets hit by a car.

"what???" I shrieked

"Don't worry, she gets better a day later." She stated while paining her last nail.

"I swear all movies are like that." I laugh

"I know right? Why don't they make movies about real life problems like why this nail polish isn't the same color on my nails as it is on the bottle."

I smirk "That would be some movie, Ellie."

"They can make a sequel about how the STUPID SPARKLES NEVER HAVE ENOUGH ON THE BRUSH."



"ELLIE SHUT UP!" I scream focusing on the movie 


the boy is running with the people from the police when he yells "KEEP GOING I WILL LEAD THEM OFF."

"NO DAVID!" the girl screams while another boy keeps her going. 

David yells back "SHE CAN'T GET CAUGHT."


"Aweee" i whimper "That is beautiful"

"That would never happen" Ellie busts "In real, David would be all like 'bye biotch"

"Okay ruin the moment don't you?" I laugh before getting a notification on my phone from an email 

"Who is it from?" Ellie asks

I sigh "I don't know how he got my email, but its my choir teacher."


I opened the e-mail to find an attachment


Dear students,

I have decided that since this is our big concert, I will give extra credit to whoever sings the duet for "Only Hope" Which we are singing in the final choir concert of the year. This concert is 50% of your grade, so if you go to the concert and sing in the duet, that "F" could be gone withing this weekend. Auditions will be held tomorrow. Be prepared to sing the song and good luck to everyone.

- Mr. Reynolds 

"AAAH ELLIE!"  i screamed showing her the email

"What about it?" she asked 


"that you won't have an F anymore?" she asked

"I never had an F" I responded "It means that after this I can get full credit and focus on basketball! I have to get in that duet!"

"Good luck" She shouted as I ran out of her house with my wet toenails to my car. I have to get this duet, and I don't care who I have to ruin to get it.

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