One More Day

Jaci Cook has been threatened to be kicked off the girls basketball team because of her lack of credits in the music category. The only way to stay on the team is to join choir for a semester. With Basketball and when a certain boyband comes to town, Will her burning Lungs be able to endure to the end?


8. Pool Panic

"We need to leave." I snapped grabbing my towel and sneaking away from the bush with Ellie not far behind.

"Leaving so soon?" Gemma wondered and followed us into the house where we saw harry grabbing a handful of beers from the fridge.

"Why are you guys leaving? you just got here..." He asked before Ellie broke down in tears.

she told him everything that happened, Including me and Louis. Thats when harry dropped a beer and shattered a bottle across the wood floor.

"I'll uh... clean that up later." He said setting the rest of the beers on the table and running outside avoiding the glass. We watched from afar as they had their conversation.

"Ellie's here?" Jake responded 

"Yeah, and she told me everything." Harry yelled.

"So? I hadn't ever been there and Brocklynn..." He said pointing back to her in the pool

I could see some sort of glassy coat on his eyes as what looked like tears formed in harry but was quickly replaced in anger.

"YOU DILDO SUCKING TWAT" Harry spit while swinging his fist on the Jake'S face causing him to fall back into the pool. 

Things were getting serious pretty fast and I had to do something. Running down the porch steps,  i was about to talk to Harry when I saw Brooklynn getting out of the pool. I walked up to her with frustration and began to talk at her

"What was Jake talking about?" I asked

she smiled "I told him that if he drenched Ellie in oil I would go out with him because I knew you would be mad. When you were stupid enough to go when the note wasn't meant for you, I told him to play it out and let Ellie watch. You guys stopped speaking, but I knew you still cared, so I told Louis to ask you out, then told Jake to go with Ellie and leave her with the bill so you could watch."

"What is wrong with you?" I shrieked 

"I told you to stay away from that choir solo, Jaci."

"I didn't even want it!" I laughed hysterically

"well too bad!" she snapped back "Now you have it, but you'll regret you got it soon enough."


She turned slyly and walked over towards Harry flirtatiously before something in me snapped. Immediately, I pushed her into the pool then looked at Harry with remorse and shock at what I had done. All he did was smile .

"Sorry about Queen Bee." I said to harry looking over at Brooklynn in the pool.

"I'll get over it." he smirked 

"HARRY!" Brocklynn shouted getting both of our attentions

"I never liked Jake! I like you baby!" she smiled and swam around in the water.

With Jake in the pool as well, he swam over and dunked her head under water which made me and harry both laugh.

"Gemma take our picture." Harry said handing her his phone and calling over a few boys and Ellie to get in the pic.

at first we were all just together but a blonde haired boy decided to push some other boy in the pool and that's when she was just started snapping photos suddenly Harry put me on his back and put Ellie under his arm then pushed her into the pool. Not so late after he flung me back and I too was thrown back into the water. 

After the pool, Brocklynn and Jake left which left me, Ellie, Harry, a few people from school I don't know, and a couple of other X Factor contestants. We sat around a bonfire wrapped in towels until it became pretty dark and people started leaving.

"I think I might go." I smiled walking back inside with Ellie

"You'll be okay?" Harry looked at Ellie while following us.

"I'll be fine." she smiled. 

"Oh hey, sorry I didn't invite you, we just don't usually talk."

"Don't loose sleep over it." I laughed opening up the door then gasped at what lied ahead,

"SLUT!" Louis screamed tackling me to the ground before Harry and Ellie got him off me.

"run." Harry panted under his breath before me and Ellie bolted out the door and ran to the nearest corner. 

As we walked in Gemma's swimsuits,  we were honked at a few times before finally arriving at Ellie's house.

"Some night huh?" She said getting into her car 

"Definitely." I laughed getting into the passengers seat

"I think harry likes you." I smiled at Ellie while she drove.

she snapped "You think?" 

"Yeah." I responded

"No, I think he likes you." she laughed

"Nuh uh." I smiled

"You guys would make  a cute couple." she stated

i replied "Whatever." 

We pulled up and I got out of her car thanking her for the ride home and got inside when I realized my family was probably asleep. I crept around the front door and closed it quietly to turn around and find my brother, Drake, staring down at me. Drake's only a year older than me, but acts like he's superior. His brown hair was black in the darkness of the house but I could still tell it was him. 

"Mom's gonna kill you." he said walking down the stairs closer to me

"she doesn't have to know ." I said

"Where were you anyway." Drake said following me into my room.

"I was at Harry Styles' party now go away."

"Get me an autograph or I'll tell mom you guys wen't skinny dipping."

"Fine just leave me alone."

I heard footsteps go up the stairs and could safely assume he was upstairs and well out of my hair. Throwing Gemma's swimsuit in the corner of my room, i put on some clothes and lazily went to bed. Normally I like to just go straight to sleep, but tonight I decided I wanted to get on my phone. I tapped in my password and opened Instagram and Harry had posted a pic of his pool party. 

I looked closer and I could see it was the picture that Emma took of me on his back right after he threw Ellie in the pool.

I studied it closely and looked at the likes and comment which were 6000+ 

There was one comment from "Niallofficial" which read

"Sorry i ruined a good picture."

I went to his profile and followed him, then went back to Harry's and started looking at the pictures he had posted of X Factor auditions and experiences before, during, and after shows. I got a giggly feeling looking at his pictures. Hes so lucky he's becoming famous. he's going to be every girl's dream. 

I plugged in my phone and threw the covers over my shoulder, then fell to sleep with a smile on my face.

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