One More Day

Jaci Cook has been threatened to be kicked off the girls basketball team because of her lack of credits in the music category. The only way to stay on the team is to join choir for a semester. With Basketball and when a certain boyband comes to town, Will her burning Lungs be able to endure to the end?


12. Guess Who's back, Back Again.

I walked down the hall to choir once again. After I switched out of choir, they put me back in telling me that I couldn't just get extra credit and leave. Still getting full credit. All I had to do was literally sit in the class and I would get full credit. I walked into the classroom opening the door along with old memories from three months before when I was in the class. I went to my old seat that was still empty right next to an empty chair where Harry once sat.

The teacher read my note and cheerfully replied "Welcome back Jaci-" 

the door clicked and five boys walked in causing girls to scream and squeal. My heart lit up like a candle when I saw who walked in. Five boys all by the name of One Direction walked into the class. they all had changed since the video diaries, and matured through great lengths in a short period of time. There was no doubt in my mind that their personalities changed as well. All except Louis, who was cocky before. Harry wore all black, with brown boots and a bandana. Five punk rock boys walked into the room and all stood at the front of the class making girls inch to the edge of their seats. All girls were ecstaticAll girls except me. 

I have no reason to be excited. Harry has a girlfriend, Niall doesn't remember me, I hate Louis' guts, I don't know the other two, and they all never followed me back on twitter.

"Welcome back, Harry." The teacher exclaimed "You can sit where you used to sit. As for the other four of you, there is four more seats on the back row on the other side of the room."

They all scattered to their seats taming the crowed.

"Nice to see you again." Harry said sitting down.

I sighed "You two..."

"Now class." the teacher smiled "How about we get back to music hmm? I say since we have our two soloists back in the class, we pick that solo up, dust it off, and start from where we left?"

The choir class cheered in excitement clapping and looking back at me and Harry. Harry cheerfully waving to the class and I with my arms crossed waiting for the attention to die down. Finally I  snapped

"I don't mean to interrupt." I stood quieting everyone down "I just did a season of basketball, and the office said all I had to do was attend the class-"

"Very well." the teacher sighed whilst standing up from his chair behind the piano 

Harry shot me a look of surprise. the teacher continued

"Since we are changing things, and I did promise her the extra credit, I will give someone else the opportunity to have the solo as well. We will have auditions right this second."

Not a single hand shot up except for Brocklynn's. I am assuming that the only reason nobody wanted to sing with him, was that they didn't want to be compared to him. That was partly the reason why I didn't do it. That, and I can't stand to look at him. 

I'm treating him almost as if he cheated on me and we weren't even dating.

"Since Brocklynn is the only one out of all 54 of us, Brocklynn will be the one to sing in this years-" 

The class cheered and clapped their hands as Brocklynn stood up blowing air kisses to the class and walked up to the front of the room behind the piano.

"You couldn't have just done it?" Harry whined to me before standing up and dragging himself to the front of the class.

before the duet, there is a short music intro that the choir sings. during this time I was holding my breath until I sang the first note and was out cold on the floor.



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