One More Day

Jaci Cook has been threatened to be kicked off the girls basketball team because of her lack of credits in the music category. The only way to stay on the team is to join choir for a semester. With Basketball and when a certain boyband comes to town, Will her burning Lungs be able to endure to the end?


17. Don't Let Me Go

I slowly inched myself out of bed and put my arm over his shoulder. My foot was not used to the pressure and slipped but Harry held me up. I looked up and our eyes met instantly. I grabbed a dress Ellie had tried to get me to put on taking it with me. Steadily he walked me out into the hall and to a wheelchair.

"Do you think the doctors will be okay with this?" I asked

he pledged "I already talked to them. They know."

I don't understand why he wants me to come so bad. He knows I can't sing. Was he trying to get attention from the public? "Harry Styles seen with poor cancer patient." I thought to myself. All this is doing is getting him attention while in the meantime breaking my heart. What breaks my heart is the fact that I have to go watch him sing with a girl that he probably has a crush on that could have been me but I had to get stupid cancer in my lungs. 

I crawled to the other side of the limo and closed the divider throwing on my dress and crawling out again. As i opened the divider harry stared at me with veneration. he quickly blinked away his thoughts and I sat back down where I was sitting before.

"Were here." He said opening the door and getting out opening the limo door for me to hop into the wheelchair with. It felt good to be able to get out of the hospital for some fresh air. What didn't feel good was the stares I was getting from people as I wheeled myself into the school. "Haven't you ever seen a cancer survivor before?" i screamed at them in my head. The concert had already started 45 minutes ago so it didn't make me feel comfortable wheeling to the front of the audience. I sat in my wheelchair in the front row of the middle isle next to Gemma, and his mom.

"Don't leave." Harry said placing me and walking over to where the choir was sitting.

"No promises." I mumbled under my breath.

I clapped as the band finished playing their symphony and the choir walked up on stage. Harry and Brocklynn, being the soloists stood on the end of the rows of the singers. I could safely assume they stood in their spots so that when their solos came on they could easily get to the two mic stands in the front of the stage. I looked at all the singers but the boys of One Direction seemed to stick out to me, maybe its because they were famous, or it was because they were my new friends.

The choir began to sing "The Circle of Life"  from The Lion King like I new they would with a soloist named "Maria Portzline." She had a wonderful voice that stuck out but blended nicely when she was supposed to. When the song ended people clapped and cheered in their seats and hushed quickly.

"Our next song will be 'Only Hope' from A Walk to Remember." our announcer cheered.

 I began to overflow with tears but hastily blinked them away. I'm only here for Harry, not for Brocklynn. I don't care how much she wants to brag in my face right now I-

"There has been a slight change in this arrangement." The announcer gestured to Brocklynn.


Suddenly Brocklynn skipped off the stage and scurried over to me pushing my wheelchair up the ramp and onto the stage next to Harry. Smiling, she stepped away. I looked out and saw the crowd through the stage lights bearing into my eyes. I choked up and couldn't speak. All I can do is stare at Harry, who is smiling nervously.

"This one is for you Jaci, Its called 'Don't Let Me Go." he beamed into the microphone.




Now you were standing there right in front of me
I hold on it's getting harder to breathe
All of a sudden these lights are blinding me
I never noticed how bright they would be

I saw in the corner there is a photograph
No doubt in my mind it's a picture of you
It lies there alone in its bed of broken glass
This bed was never made for two

I'll keep my eyes wide open
I'll keep my arms wide open

Don't let me
Don't let me go
'Cause I'm tired of feeling alone



As he finished the crowd snarled with excitement. There was echoes of clapping and everyone stood in an uproar. My tears trickled down my face as I looked at Harry. He smiled as the crowd bowed, then looked at me in confusion. 


Carefully I rolled offstage and out of the building having nobody to call but my mom.


"Jaci wait!" Harry ran after me.

I slowly turned my wheelchair around to face him with bloodshot eyes.


"Was that your plan all along? To embarrass me in front of all those people as some sort of promotional stunt?" I cried.


"What? Jaci, no." He cooed stepping closer to me.

"Then what did you think would happen?" I snapped.


"I thought you would be happy..." He trailed off looking down at his feet.

"well you thought wrong. I should have known that the only reason you came to visit me every day was because you wanted the media to like you, think you were some good guy and not some sort of womanizer."


"I don't care what the media thinks of me!" Harry shouted "I don't care because the only person who's opinion matters to me," He paused before saying "Is you."


"I was doing just fine before you Har-"

Harry interrupted "You call lung cancer 'Just fine?"


He realized what he said and slowly covered his mouth opening his eyes wider. there was a quiet pause before I stated:

"I'm not a charity case. You don't have to do me any favors."


He stood there speechless while my mothers car pulled up 

 "I knew this was a bad idea." I cried.

I watched him stare at me while I mustered up the courage to get the car by myself. 

"Don't try to talk to me again. Okay?" I calmly stated, and shut the door leaving Harry, and this night, behind me.






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