13 wishes

They say a girls biggest dream is to find love...not for Amy, she has a bigger wish, what if a stranger came into your life granting you 13 wishes for your 13th birthday...what would you wish for?


3. school

School= Six Cruel Hours Of Our Lives! yep that's about right.

I haven't had the best experience in school, I get bullied by the same girls that bullied me in primary school but it's not physical bullying it's more verbal. But Sarah has stuck by me since we first met when we were 3 and we are 13 now!

"We'll look what the cat dragged in" Tiffany(one of the bullies) laughs.

"Oh my goodness that is hilarious, ha.ha.ha" Sarah says in a bored, sarcastic tone.

"Whatever, slutty Sarah" Jessica(other bully) sneers.

"Oh and don't worry we have a special birthday surprise planned for you" Tiffany says innocently to me.

"I can't wait" I say sarcastically.

"Come Jessica we might catch a nasty disease if we stay near them any longer" Jessica chuckles as she turns and flicks her long, shiny blonde hair.

"What bitches" Sarah sneers.

"I know right I don't see why they call us sluts, like we don't even have boyfriends," I say, walking to our form room.

"Don't let them get to you, and don't worry their 'birthday surprise' might run into a few problems if the birthday girl doesn't show up" Sarah says mischievously.

"What are you talking about?" I ask

"Well we could just skip school and go shopping and get Starbucks..." She says

"Hmmm in our uniform I don't think that would work," I reply

"Good thing you have spare clothes in your lockers," a voice says from behind me...

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