Love murders

After in a car crash Nina has been in a coma for three months while her brother Niall has got a new girl and is leaving for a tour soon,when she decides to date her best friend,will another friend go overboard for her love?


1. Too many doctors!

I am so sorry to all my friends and family for leaving them with out a little girl.Well at least until today.

All I could hear we're voices of sobs of joy as I opened my eyes to see all of my family including the one and only Niall Horan! Niall is my brother I'm thirteen and he is nineteen, I bet all of my family including him have been by my side throughout this coma. I am not sure how long I've been in the coma but I guess I'll find out.

"Hi everyone."i said enthusiastically, but exhaustion evident "She's awake!!!!!" they screamed in unison as i opened my arm for big and warm bear hugs.Then a doctor came in "Oh you are awake!! We'll need to rub test for any more broken bones" then I realized the cast on my arm.How come I didn't notice that earlier I thought?

"Lil' sis!!! We've missed you're smile!"Niall ran up to me and gave me another hug before I was taken away to do some tests.

(AN) Hi everyone this is my first book so comment and tell me if you like it!! Don't stop reading cause this book is going to get even more interesting 😏😏

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