Love murders

After in a car crash Nina has been in a coma for three months while her brother Niall has got a new girl and is leaving for a tour soon,when she decides to date her best friend,will another friend go overboard for her love?


12. The Police or the accomplices?

"We should go to bed.",I told Teddy after seeing his empty plate.I walked upstairs quietly "I'm gonna get dressed.",I warned him beginning to put on my pj's "Like I haven't seen you nude before!",he laughed.I laid in bed silently "We should go talk to Maria tomorrow.",Teddy said getting under the covers ,I nodded in agreement then pecked his cheek "Goodnight",I said drifting off.

I woke up slowly and turned around,nothing was there except a not which read:Hey babe I wanted tell Maria by myself I'll be back in 30minutes don't miss me too much!!Oh well I have thirty minutes to sleep or get up and do something efficient.I might as well play some tunes on Niall's guitar,I usually don't play or sing because I'm very scared to the only person I have sang to is Niall and Teddy.I got the guitar and began to strum,I stopped when I heard someone open the front door "It's me!!",heard Teddy's voice scream from downstairs "Come upstairs.",I yelled tiredly.His footsteps were slow up the stairs "I brought some Starbucks.",he said handing me a bag and coffee cup "Thank you.",I smiled.

We drank and ate for just a while " did it go?",I questioned sitting on his lap "She said she doesn't believe that it could be her,which is bullshit.",Teddy huffed.I pulled his body closer to mine and kissed him "It is going to be alright,remember the promise I made you.?",I asked kissing him again beginning to play with his hair.I unbuttoned his shirt "You are really cute!",I whispered "So are you.",he smiled grabbing my hip and pulling me back into a rough and passionate kiss.I moaned with every move we made "Nina...calm down",he said in between kisses.I let go and buttoned his shirt "You left me no choice.",I chuckled taking my seat.

Wow,that's the closest we've ever been!! "Did you give them all the evidence?",I asked trying to change the subject "Of course I did!!I just don't get it!!",he screamed then threw a book at the wall "Baby,",I motioned for him to follow me "remember when we were little and collected pictures of everywhere we went?",I smiled opening a small box "So..",Teddy groaned.I opened it and pulled out every single picture one was of Teddy's father meeting the governor of our town,another was of Teddy and I playing with Adelisa's father which was a cop at that time."I think Adelisa knew she'd get away with everything because her father is a policemen.",I told him "Lets just give up, they will never believe us!!",he began to sob.I wiped a few of his tears and gave him a kiss "I'll never give up.",I whispered.

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