Love murders

After in a car crash Nina has been in a coma for three months while her brother Niall has got a new girl and is leaving for a tour soon,when she decides to date her best friend,will another friend go overboard for her love?


11. Sympathy

"Please open up!!!",whoever this was they were concerned!!My mom opened the door "Where is Teddy?",a woman in all black asked,my mom pointed to where he was with trembling fingers "What happened?",he asked standing up.The woman motioned for him to sit down "My name is Maria Sanchez,I am investigating your parents..",she sighed "murder.I know this is a very tough time for you so I will come back to question you sometime next week.",Maria finished walking out.

Teddy ran to my room as fast as he could with me obviously following him.I wiped tear from his face,"I don't know what to say,but I do know that your parents are still as happy as they were when they were here.",he smiled "I know.I just don't understand who would want to do such a thing to two great people.",he reassured me.I looked at him for a moment "I know your hurt,and that is why if the police don't find the killer I will!!",I told him confidently "Nina,that's nice but you can't do that.",Teddy sighed getting up.I felt very bad although I did nothing.

I went to get my computer,this is a great time to do some research.As I got on I saw that I had a comment on a picture I posted on Instagram of Teddy and I, it was from Adelisa:

Best wishes to Teddy, your parents were the best!!!

How did she know?This is crazy!!!Did he call her?Was she by the crime scene?That is what ran through my head when I read the message.I knew it was best to call her:

Nina~Hey how's it going?

Adelisa~Great,I was just taking a walk.

Nina~Cool what street are you on?


Nina~That is a little far from your house.

Adelisa~Um.....yeah but I got to go.Bye!!

Oh my!!!Adelisa is one street away from Teddy's home and didn't want to talk after answering me.This is too suspicious!!!I'll tell Teddy when he is happier,but for now I have to cheer him up."Hey babe",I said coming downstairs and sitting beside Teddy "Hey,just so you know I'll be crashing here until your mom can get in contact with my aunt.",he replied with a fake smile "You know you could stay here forever if you wanted to.",I smiled taking his hand.I kissed him for moment "I truly love you.",I said.

Days later....

I have done many things with Teddy such as going to the amusement park,playing board games, watching scary movies,and just plan staring at each other!!!!I'm not just doing nice things for him to be sympathetic it is because I'm worried he'll begin to become depressed."I'm hungry.",I groaned getting up "Why are you always hungry?",Teddy laughed "Is that really a necessary question teddster?",I asked making a 'duh' face.He smiled and then followed me to the kitchen "Oh my gosh Nina!!Thank you!",Teddy exclaimed realizing what I had set up for him "No problem.",I said nonchalantly.

I sat down and began to eat "Teddy,I have some good and bad news for you,"I looked at him swiftly "I went on Instagram the day your parents were murdered and Adelisa had commented on a picture of you saying that she was very sorry for what happened,but I know for sure you hadn't told her yet.I called a few minutes later and she was exactly a street away from the crime scene and also seemed very hesitant to talk to me.I think..",Teddy stopped me in my tracks "Adelisa murdered my parents?",he finished for me.I looked at him and nodded "Baby I am so sorry.",I frowned "You don't have to have sympathy for me."

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