Love murders

After in a car crash Nina has been in a coma for three months while her brother Niall has got a new girl and is leaving for a tour soon,when she decides to date her best friend,will another friend go overboard for her love?


10. Overwhelming

I continued to sob in his arms "It's going to be okay",Teddy reassured me rubbing my back.I looked up at him "I don't get it we tried to do something good and it backfired!!",I sat on the couch "Everything will work out soon.",he replied putting me on his lap.I smiled realizing where this was going."If you were expecting a kiss your crazy.",he teased placing his hand on my cheek beginning to kiss me.

The kiss began to get rougher as we moved in sync.I don't think this is right,yeah we've been together for two years but we are only fifteen!!!I pushed him off "I think we should wait.",I said looking into his eyes "I know I'll try but it is pretty tempting.",he smirked.I got off of his lap and grabbed a movie to watch "It's scary",I said trying to sound like a ghost "All that really means is that we'll be cuddling the whole time.",Teddy teased pulling me closer to him.

After the movie both of us headed upstairs to get some sleep."Just so you know Niall's friends are coming over in the morning to have fun before the tour.",I informed him slipping under the covers "That's fine.",he said giving me a kiss.I wasn't going to stop this one it was too good.I pulled his body right next to mine feeling him ask for entrance at the bottom of my lip which I allowed.I moaned loudly "Sorry Nina I did it again!",Teddy said seeming very frustrated.

"Breakfast is ready!!",I heard my mom scream from downstairs.I turned around to see exactly no one.I just got up and went downstairs and realized that Teddy had been playing a few video games with Niall and his mates."Hey sis",Niall greeted me with a mouthful of pancakes "Good morning!",I waved at them heading into the kitchen to get my food.

I came back in the living room and sat by Niall."Hey Nina we will be going on tour very soon and me and the boys have decided to move in together.",Niall frowned "I am happy for you although it is a little overwhelming.",I fake smiled.My answer was followed by silence. Bang. Bang. Bang. That's all we heard....

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