Love murders

After in a car crash Nina has been in a coma for three months while her brother Niall has got a new girl and is leaving for a tour soon,when she decides to date her best friend,will another friend go overboard for her love?


9. First Plan

"I've got a plan.",I replied "Tomorrow both of us are gonna find Adelisa a soulmate,then when she's gained feelings for them I'll talk to her about our friendship",I seemed very excited "That's great!!",Teddy admitted."Now can we play in our fort!!",I asked "Yeah",he smirked leaning in for yet another kiss holding my waist and dropping the flashlight.I moaned as he let go "Thirteen, remember?",he said "Sometimes I forget,and you are the one who kissed me first.",I explained pointing my finger at him.

I looked down and noticed his hands still on my waist,I blushed "You can let go now!",I teased.I yawned loudly checking the time "Wanna go to sleep?",Teddy asked "Definitely.",I nodded breaking apart the fort.I laid down sideways facing Teddy "We begin our search in the morning",I said as if I were a emperor if some sort,Teddy kissed my cheek "Goodnight",he laughed.

2 years later.......

Hey!!!!! Yeah I know it's been two years but I can explain everything to you.Teddy and I got Adelisa a very nice girlfriend and we are back to being besties,Niall is preparing for the seventh One Direction tour, and also me and Teddy could never be better.

I was sitting on the couch with Adelisa and Addy (her girlfriend) watching a movie." How about we play truth or dare?",Addy suggested staring at the movie credits "Great idea babe!",Adelisa said kissing Addy on the cheek.I was extremely nervous because I know this would get sexual,but I can always avoid it if I have to."I dare you both to have a five minute make out session in the closet!",I said shooing them.This would give me some time to get Teddy over here before anything else happened.I texted him:

Nina~Hey wanna come over?

Teddy~Sorry it's my brothers birthday, I'll try to come after six o'clock

Nina~Okay babe see you then

Oh no,I thought as they came back downstairs."I dare you to kiss Addy on the lips.",Adelisa stared at me as I pretended I didn't hear what she said "I can't!",I screamed "Well you have to honey.",Addy said biting her lip.They either were really horny or didn't understand that I was in a serious relationship."Guys no let's just change the game you know I am dating someone",I said as calm as possible.

"Hey Nina we got to go my mom just called.",Adelisa said picking up her bag "let me pee first!",Addy stated running to the bathroom.A few minutes later and Adelisa was still waiting for Addy and I needed to pee!"I'll go get her for you.",I told Adelisa as I walked upstairs.

I got to the bathroom door and then was pulled into the bathroom and pushed on a wall."I didn't get my kiss",Addy said holding me against the wall "Your not gonna get it!!",I screamed.Next thing I know she just kissed me, and one things for sure I did not kiss back as she started to trail her fingers next to my bra "Stop",I tried to stay.She continued unlatching my bra "I'm sorry baby but you got to commit to the dare" "No I don't!",I shouted once again breaking free.I ran into my room and locked the door.

I decided it was best to call Teddy after all it was almost six o'clock

Nina~Addy just tried to molest me!!

Teddy~Don't worry babe I'm coming over now.

Less then two minutes later I opened the door for Teddy hugging him."This girl was not a very good choice",Teddy whispered to him self.

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