Love murders

After in a car crash Nina has been in a coma for three months while her brother Niall has got a new girl and is leaving for a tour soon,when she decides to date her best friend,will another friend go overboard for her love?


7. Did she just..?!

" you Nina and I know you love Teddy but I still had to tell you I hope this doesn't change our friendship.",Adelisa stared at me for a long time "Adelisa you and Teddy have been my friends since preschool and if you have strong feelings towards me I'm fine with it we will always be friends.",I said taking her hand.Adelisa waved bye and left and I headed back to Teddy.

"What's up with Adelisa?",Teddy asked concerned "Boy problems.",I lied.Teddy nodded and checked his phone "Oh shoot it's already 6:00 I'm late for dinner at my house!!",he said "Come on then.",I urged grabbing him by the hand.As we got to Teddy's house he stopped and kissed me again "I like doing that!!Wanna come over for dinner?",he smirked "That'd be great!!"

Teddy's mom gave him 'the talk' and made me listen in on it after that awkward conversation we sat down at the table to eat."Sooo......Nina have you and Teddy talked about your relationship?",his mom asked "Yes a few times",I responded then saw Teddy look at me because of how I lied "Well that's good",she replied taking a drink of water.

After an mostly silent dinner I told Teddy I had to go home."Hey sis you wanna watch this movie with me?",Niall asked as I walked in "Sure.Which movie?",I asked plopping on the couch "Greece",he said putting it in the DVD player.While watching I believe falling asleep on Niall's shoulder.

I woke up and it was super light and then I remembered that I had went to sleep on the couch."Oh brother and sister bonding time lets leave them alone.",I heard my mom say as she walked upstairs with dad "Good morning",I said to Niall waking him up "Oh hey!",he said waking up and then going to the kitchen.I followed Niall soon after making myself some cereal "Nina do you think you are ready for a boyfriend?",Niall asked sitting down next to me "Yes I do.",I said confidently as Niall walked out of the kitchen.

That was weird I thought as I heard the phone ring:

Nina~Who is it?

Adelisa~Adelisa just wanted to ask if I could come over to study for our big test?

Nina~Yeah that's fine.

Adelisa~Okay bye

I hope Adelisa doesn't try anything weird because I just started dating Teddy and I don't want it to end that fast or at all to be honest.I wonder will happen at school.Wait,school I totally forgot today is Monday!!!I quickly ran upstairs and got my backpack,I checked the time I would probably be 25 minutes late if I ran.I ran as fast as I could but before getting in the building I ran into someone "Oh my god!!1/2 of the lovebirds just touched me and I'm heard they are dating too!!",Aleisha,the meanest girl in school said in disgust,but I swiftly walked past her.

As soon as I stepped in people laughed and pointed but I hurried straight to my locker to call Teddy:

Nina~Where are you?

Teddy~I'm in the janitors closet.Help!!

I ran to the closet only to find Teddy with Aleisha and her douche if a boyfriend about to beat up Teddy."Stop!!",I screamed pulling her off of Teddy "Oh some audience perfect!!",Aleisha's boyfriend said coming closer to Teddy's face.I quickly pulled Derek off and grabbed Teddy out of the closet."Thanks.",Teddy said out of breath "No problem",I said happily.Teddy and I walked to class after getting our books.

"Teddy and Nina you are extremely late you'll have to be partners for our next project.",Mrs.Robin said as we walked in to class "Here is your subject.",she said passing us a baby doll.Both of us walked over to the desks and stared at each other until Mrs.Robin started to talk again "Now that partners have been assigned I will explain the project.You and your partner will have to take care of the doll together this will show you students how to work as a team.By the end of the semester you must have a name and trait for your baby.",she explained.Everyone looked at their partner and began discussing "I was thinking Tina?",I said in a questioning way "Why?",Teddy asked staring at me "It's a combination of both of our names!",I said excitedly"Sounds good.",Teddy said staring at the doll.

By the end of the day I had at least 5 projects due 'by the end of the semester' and I am partners with Adelisa for."I won't be coming to your place today.",Teddy said getting his things from his locker "Okay.",I said not even minding to tell him that Adelisa was coming.Although we both walked home together we soon separated.

While I was putting on my pajamas Adelisa came into my room and I quickly took a towel and covered myself up."Oh I'm so sorry.",she said using her hands to cover her eyes,but I saw her peeking.I took off my bra and put on everything else "You can open your eyes now.",I informed her.I sat on the bed motioning for her to seat beside me"Why didn't you bring your books?",I questioned "Nina you are smart enough to know I didn't come here to study.",she said trailing her finger down my thigh "Why then?"I asked seeming very confused.Adelisa continued trailing her fingers down my thigh but then stopped "I came to do this.",she said pushing me down in the bed and getting on top of me "Stop!",I screamed struggling to get out of her hold.

But then she kissed me and didn't stop until I kissed back,until I liked it.I had to I thought as I began to kiss her,soon after she stopped "Why would you do that?!!!!",I screamed wiping my lips "I don't know",she said obviously feeling very confident.Then this girl began trailing her fingers down my thigh again!!!"Stop!",I shouted moving her hand,but instead she used that hand to turn my to her kissing me again.Although this time the kiss was good and I kissed back,as she pulled our bodies closer together making us move in sync.I moaned as she let go of the kiss "I know you liked that one.",she said biting her lip,but my smile turned into a frown,"I'm dating Teddy!!I know you came her to study so that is what we are going to do!!",I said pushing my social studies book on her lap.

We both got some studying in after the dilemma but I still had to tell Teddy which would be tomorrow for sure.

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