Love murders

After in a car crash Nina has been in a coma for three months while her brother Niall has got a new girl and is leaving for a tour soon,when she decides to date her best friend,will another friend go overboard for her love?


6. Confess

"....I love you too Nina a lot",he said continuing to hug me.This really was a great b-day."Nina,why so quiet?",Niall said peeking into the room"Nothing just talking!",Teddy said quickly "Just wondering if you want some cake.",Niall said slowly.I wondered why Teddy responded so fast as we walked to the kitchen."Are you okay?",I whispered in his ear,he nodded.

The usual happened everyone sang me happy birthday and we all ate at least 3 pieces of cake.Teddy and I left to go play some board games "Hey,are you sure your fine?",I asked him while setting up the game "I could never be better!",he smiled.

Next morning.....

"Wake up!!!!",Teddy screamed jumping on top of me "It's Sunday!!",I said tiredly,he looked at me with a smirk and then began to drag me out of bed "Stop!!",I screamed at the top of my lungs.He didn't stop!!Teddy helped me to my feet and smiled "I love bothering you." "Well that is going to be a problem because I don't like being bothered",I said very annoyed.

I slowly walked to the bathroom as Teddy followed and began to brush my teeth,he held on to my hip I slowly turned and stared at him "What you doing?",I asked continuing to smile at his actions.Teddy shrugged his shoulders as I turned around "Why don't you brush your teeth Mr.Morning breath",I said teasing him "Fine",he said as he took his toothbrush.

Later on we decided to go to the forest preserve.As we were walking down the road Teddy stopped "What's up?",I asked very concerned "Nina I really like you and.."he stopped and slowly pressed his lips to mine I kissed back and it was perfect!!"I have always loved you Teddy.",I said breaking the kiss "Will you be my girlfriend?",I smiled extra wide "Of course!!".The rest of the walk was Teddy blabbing about how much he wanted to ask me.

Once we returned home we saw Megan and Niall watching tv."Hey Niall is it okay if Teddy and I go on a date later on today?",Niall's eyes grew wide"As long as Teddy doesn't try anything funny!",Niall stared at Teddy then at me "Thank you so much!!"I said pulling Teddy to my room.

"What should I wear?",I asked looking in my draw "I don't know we probably going to go to Starbucks.What you have on looks great!!",I smiled and sat on the bed "You always know what to say.Although I don't believe you!!",I said hugging him "You look fine now come on!!",he said grabbing me.

Once we got there I decided on a brownie and hot chocolate Teddy had a croissant."I already know everything thing about what was the point of this?",I chuckled "I don't know to celebrate our relationship!",Teddy said.I noticed Adelisa sitting at another table alone "I'll be right back."I said getting up and heading to her.

"Hey girl how have you been?",I asked loudly "Great!!",she said sarcastically then continued "I want to tell you Nina that I really really really.......

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