Love murders

After in a car crash Nina has been in a coma for three months while her brother Niall has got a new girl and is leaving for a tour soon,when she decides to date her best friend,will another friend go overboard for her love?


5. birthday

Adelisa went home and Teddy came over."Birthday girl!!",he said handing me a gift "Thank you !!!",I said jumping up and down like a kangaroo."Nina get ready we are leaving soon!!",Niall screamed from upstairs "I'll be right back teddster.",I said to Teddy as I went to get ready.

I thought of what I should wear which is unusual because I usually wear some tights or sweatpants but today I decided on black tights some shorts and a nice shirt.I ran down stairs as fast as I could "I'm ready!!!",I screamed then saw my mom,dad,Niall,Greg,and Teddy come from the kitchen. "Let's go",I said happily.

Once we got to six flags I was amazed at how empty the place looked "I booked it out for us," Niall said then continued,"only for two hours though."

"We had so much fun!!!After going on 5 roller coasters , eating 2 funnel cakes and almost throwing up I am just ready to open my presents!!",I said coming into the house.First Niall,it was a phone "Thank you so much!!",I screamed hugging him.Next mom, which was bras (it was embarrassing opening that one).Then dads,I got a new bed it was so cute!!Lastly I got a outfit from Greg.I wonder why Teddy told me to open his later?

Before night I opened Teddy's gift, reading the note first it said:

Dear Nina,

You have been my best friend for so long and we both now that 13 is gonna be a hard age especially if we start high school early,but we can get through it together.I wonder if we will always be friends although that is a silly question maybe we'll just get new ones.Right now though we are besties!!!!!



I looked at him blankly then hugged him "Open it!!",he said,I started to in wrap only to reveal half of a necklace which said best "I have the other half.",he said slowly "I love you teddster",I said hugging him again. What a great birthday!!

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