FInd Me. Protect Me.

HI. My name is Amber Fields and my life is kinda of a funny story. I'm a Guardian, like Santa, Sandy, and Tooth Fairy. I'm the Guardian of Autumn. I make all the wonderful things that come and go with the season. I rest during the Winter months and let my friend Jack Frost take over. But one Winter, Jack asked me to help him find someone: Queen Elsa.


3. Chapter 3: A Favor Is Asked

        My mind is rushing and I feel really hot, and i mean BURNING. The most handsome Guardian is standing on my porch, in front of me! I wanted to jump up and down with joy, but I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of him. But he's just so...*Sigh* Anyways, Jack looks at me and rustles my tomboy hair. "Hey Amber, haven't seen you in a while." I almost fall to the ground sick  because of the amount of cold is in my hair now, but i shake it off. "And by the way, you may want to tuck you wings in." I snap out of my thought and tuck them in.

      "So, what are you doing out here Jack?" I ask, still a little shy and all. "It's not normal to find you out here in the Fall." I push the front door open and step inside, Jack following me and leaving snow-outlined prints across my Oak floor. " Actually, I kinda need to ask you a favor." I stop in my tracks and turn towards him. 'A favor?' I thought to myself. "What do you need?" I ask, curious of his little plan. "Well, remember when we all had that party last year for Christmas and I didn't show up?" He asked, I looked at him kinda funny. "Um, yeah. Wait, where the hell were you last year?!"

      He looked at me and blushed, "It...It's a long story.." I get closer to him, so close that my skin is turning pale as winter its self! " Is it about a...girl?" He backs away really fast, almost knocking over my wooden bear statue Merida gave me for Thanksgiving. " Watch it!" I yell at him. "S-Sorry! I just distracted! Look I need you to help me with...." he sighs, God he SOOOOO cute!!  I think to myself. " A girl, I can tell." Jack has this look of pure confusion on his face.

     "A lot of guys ask girls to dances and stuff, trust me." I say; Jack sighs and gives me this pitiful look. " Well, can you help me?" I sit there and debate whether or not to. " First of all, tell me the place and who this girl is." I say as i sit in my Fall Leaves bed. It's SOO comfy! He breaths for a minute, blowing out cold air which hits my face, making me want to pass out. "Well....Her name is...Elsa, and she lives in a Ice Palace." I jump out and grab him by the arms, not caring if I feel sick to the bone. "WHAT?!"

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