FInd Me. Protect Me.

HI. My name is Amber Fields and my life is kinda of a funny story. I'm a Guardian, like Santa, Sandy, and Tooth Fairy. I'm the Guardian of Autumn. I make all the wonderful things that come and go with the season. I rest during the Winter months and let my friend Jack Frost take over. But one Winter, Jack asked me to help him find someone: Queen Elsa.


2. Chapter 2: Some One Finds My Tree House.

      Life as a Guardian is fun, but only those who believe can see you. My job requires a lot to do with the change in weather, plants and it's crazy. Fun, but crazy. I also have protect children from evil, like He Who Shall Not Be Named. Not Voldemort....Oogie Boogie. He brings fear and disbelief into children's lives at times. It's my job as a Guardian to stop him and others from keeping darkness into the lives of children.

      It's late at night, the kids in the neighborhood have either gone to be or are secretly staying up late. A cool breeze rides around and makes me want to fly in the middle of the night. Sadly, I'm not like Jack and play around with my Element....Or do I? I look around to see if there are any of my "Children" around to see me, just in case. The place is as dead and silent as a house on Christmas. I can hear cricket chirps in the distance, but no cars. No kids. And best of all, no cares.

     I spread my wings and jump out of the tree I'm perched in. Oh! I forgot to tell you! Yes, I have wings. They are the colors of Autumn of course; gold, red, orange, and brown. I love them and I hate it when I can't fly.  I fly around the neighborhood, spinning around and doing flips in the air. This is the fun part of being a Guardian. You can fly. Depending on your Job though, but you can fly. The gust of wind fades away and I'm getting sleepy, ready to head back to my tree.

     I fly back and land on the thickest branch of my tree. I crawl slowly to the trunk,and knock three times. A huge piece of bark move and reveals a hollow trunk. That is my secret hideout. I double check once more to see if anyone is following me; still quiet. I tuck my wings in and jump down the trunk, closing to door behind me. Or so I thought. 

     The ride down to my hideout is always fun! All it is a huge slide leading me out to my actual Tree House. It's deep with in the woods and is actually very hard to find by foot and air. You want to know why? It's in invisible! Only me and another Guardian can see it. I finally reach my house and fly up to the door, but before I can enter, I feel a cold hand touch my shoulder. I makes me sick to my stomach and turn around to see who it is.

     I make eye contact with the person and blush instantly, the squirrels in my stomach kick up and my wings spread out wider. My heart beats like crazy, and my voice squeaks when I say, "Hi Jack."     

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