FInd Me. Protect Me.

HI. My name is Amber Fields and my life is kinda of a funny story. I'm a Guardian, like Santa, Sandy, and Tooth Fairy. I'm the Guardian of Autumn. I make all the wonderful things that come and go with the season. I rest during the Winter months and let my friend Jack Frost take over. But one Winter, Jack asked me to help him find someone: Queen Elsa.


1. Chapter 1: The Start of Everything

     "Come and get me, Chloe!" A little girl yelled from the other side of a giant oak tree. It was Autumn; there were children playing in piles of leaves, reading under many oaks, and some even dancing with the leaves that were picked up by the wind. "Okay Rachel!" The other girl yelled. They run around my tree and sing, "Little Amber in the tree, please come out and play with me, make the Autumn day bright and gorgeous, and the birds sing in a beautiful chorus!" At least they believe in me.

     After five minutes of hearing the song, all the children retreated into their homes and I was left alone to do my work. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Amber, and I'm a Guardian. I keep Autumn alive and all the holidays with it too. It's not that bad of a job. I rest for the winter--it helps me build my energy back up from helping the season stay intact.

     I change the colors of the leaves, I make the grass die off to get it ready for the winter, I make the air grow chilly for those perfect bonfire nights--That's right, I'm the one who gives all you couples the perfect cuddling weather. Every guardian has a certain job, a certain season, or a certain task to do. Of course there's Santa Claus, the jolly, Russian, present bring-er in charge of the holiday, Christmas.Then there's the Tooth Fairy(My best friend!), who raises the spirits of children by collecting their teeth and leaving them money. Then the Sand Man who delivers pleasant and soothing dreams to those in times of trouble. And the Easter Kangaroo *Ahem* The Easter Bunny, who lives on the epic Easter Island, and creates the amazing Easter eggs and the awesome, annual egg hunt.

     And then there's Jack Frost. Jack FrostThe Guardian of winter. He brings you the snow days, he blankets the world in beautiful, fluffy, white powder. His appearance matches his field of work perfectly; He has a pale complexion, platinum white hair, sparkling pearly whites, and beautiful dark blue orbs that I could get lost in for hours... Sorry, I lost my train of thought--what were we talking about?

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