Youth of Today

A collection of the works of today's most talented young authors.


3. You Are Who You Are (by Mookla)

You Are Who You Are (by  Mookla)


You always have a choice,

no matter what.

You are who you are, and that is that!

You may be mindless, vacant or weird

but, you are who you are and that is clear.


Your music is different from the one on your right;

but your music is your survival, your light.

You have no kind of mind like the other to your left,

Unless they forge; accuse them of theft.


No one is you,

and this is true.

You have your own mind,

You are your own kind.


You have a mind of your own, you have a choice,

express yorself, use your voice.

You may be up in the clouds; most of the time:

be yourself, act your mime.

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