Youth of Today

A collection of the works of today's most talented young authors.


7. Pressure (by Zat2020)

Pressure (by Zat2020)

I feel it -- the pressure.

It is there resting on my shoulder.

It's the sickness with no cure

With me it says as I get older.


I feel it -- I choke.

Further and further I spiral down.

As I try not to be the pitied joke.

It seems like these days I'm Hell-bound.


I feel it -- my mind exploding.

It hurts so much that it's hard to breathe.

The urge to end it all is unfolding.

And I scrape off the top of me to see what's underneath.


I feel it -- pressure.

I'm certain I shouldn't feel so sad.

The pain is too much that I can't endure.

Just tell me why living is so bad?



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