Youth of Today

A collection of the works of today's most talented young authors.


4. Kids (by K. E. Kamiko)

Kids (by K. E. Kamiko)

They look at us and they say,

"They're just kids, okay?"

But above all else

We are ourselves

We are not just children

Waiting to grow up

We are people

With thoughts and feelings and stuff

We are humans, if a bit smaller

It's really rough

Being picked on by the taller

So excuse us for being crude

We don't mean to be rude

But next time you chide us

About our attitude

Remember that you were a teenager one time too

Try to remember how it feels

Being prejudiced because you're young

The pain is there, the hurt is real

So remember us when we're the strong

And your life has been long

We'll be taking care of you-

Depending on how you choose

To treat us while we're still kids

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