The World From Which a Letter Came

A princess from the land of Mialia thinks that the law against contact to human beings makes no sense, she finds a secret, magical, portal that is only big enough to send small gifts. Princess Kaysha establishes a bond of peace with a teenage human girl who looks almost identical to her soon after she becomes friends with the girl the portal malfunctions and the letters and gifts to the earthling are transferred elsewhere and a teenage human boy finds himself involved.


1. Prologue



                               Prologue for Keysha



I was running, running away from my people the people i am supposed to care about, to nurture and love. But no, I did not care for them, I did not love them, I did not want to nurture them to live the best way possible and I most certainly did NOT want to be their princess but the ceremony had been done, I had been chosen.

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