No Myth

Emmeline Louise Adams. Nineteen years old, and living-well, hiding-in the alleyways of London, England. Born in Monroe, Wisconsin, and fled to London seven years ago, barely a teenager. She has learned the ways of the homeless, how to scavenge, how to find clean water, how to get clean, and how to hide. How to hide is the most important aspect of her learning.
Because Emmeline isn't very normal. In fact, she is the complete opposite of normal.
She is Mythical.
Think that celebrities don't have anything to hide? Think again.
Zayn Javaad Malik. Part of a famous boy-band known as One Direction, he doesn't even let his mates see what he really is. Only his parents know what he really is.
He is Mythical.


2. The Other Mythical

Emmeline's POV

Every day I fight a war against the mirror

I can't stand the person staring back at me

I was singing 'Don't Let Me Get Me' by P!nk, an earthly singer and an American. Though I lived in London, I was originally placed in a town of an American state called Wisconsin.

'Cause I'm a hazard to myself

Don't let me get me

I'm my own worst enemy

Even though it was about midnight, I couldn't stay awake. I was currently living in a small alleyway where I made a makeshift bed-but that wasn't where I was.

I was on the coast of a rather large lake outside of London, and more like on the border of England and Ireland. On the other side of the lake was a mansion, unlike one I've ever seen.

It was my getaway spot, a place where I could reveal who I really was inside: a Mermaid.

I always kept my clothes on while I swam; it didn't really matter anyway.

Dipping my toe inside of the cool water, my feet started turning green and scaly. The process of my tail coming didn't hurt me, as I was so used to it, however, if I gave a human or another Mythical my powers, it would hurt like hell to them.

I plunged head-first into the lake, letting my powers transform me. My feet joined together to make my tail, and my swimming became instantly faster. 

Streaming through the lake, I found someone on the surface. 

Wait, what?! Is someone watching me?!

Maybe it's the other Mythical.

Wait, don't be ridiculous. There are seven billion people on Earth, so how could I even find the other Mythical right here?

Zayn's POV

"Mate, you coming to bed?" Liam came out of the house to see me sitting by the edge of the lake.

"Yeah. I just need some time alone."

"That's all you do now. Just sit here and...I don't even know what you do out here. Perrie's worried about you."

I sighed. "I don't know if I can do this anymore. Just leave me alone, Liam."

"It's your life." Liam went back inside.

The thing was, I couldn't stop thinking about the other Mythical here. Where was she? Was she around here? What did she look like? So many questions...

There was someone in the lake. At first, I would've yelled at whoever it was, but then I noticed something: she had a tail. A Mermaid tail.

Wait-a Mermaid tail? It was the other Mythical!

"Wait, who are you?" The Mermaid lifted her head out of the water and looked at me with fear in her eyes. "No, I'm like you! I'm a Mythical too!" I looked around for something to use my telekinesis on. I located a broken branch at the side of our forest and concentrated on it until it began to float in the air. The Mermaid watched in wonder, then looked to me.

"You're a Sorcerer. The other Mythical." The Mermaid swam to the surface and waited for her tail to transform back. "My name is Emmeline."

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