No Myth

Emmeline Louise Adams. Nineteen years old, and living-well, hiding-in the alleyways of London, England. Born in Monroe, Wisconsin, and fled to London seven years ago, barely a teenager. She has learned the ways of the homeless, how to scavenge, how to find clean water, how to get clean, and how to hide. How to hide is the most important aspect of her learning.
Because Emmeline isn't very normal. In fact, she is the complete opposite of normal.
She is Mythical.
Think that celebrities don't have anything to hide? Think again.
Zayn Javaad Malik. Part of a famous boy-band known as One Direction, he doesn't even let his mates see what he really is. Only his parents know what he really is.
He is Mythical.


1. Hide

Third Person POV

Emmeline. That is her name. Hidden from the world for so long, after it discovered her secret.

The thing is, Emmeline is no human. Rather, she never was one.

She is a Mermaid, the most powerful Mythical to ever exist besides the All Mythical, the One that created the Myth World and still watches over all Mythicals to this day.

Some even said that Emmeline could be the All Mythical in an earthly form.

Yes, despite her loveliness, people on Earth said she was a freak.

And so, she fled.

Fled where no one would find her.

The streets of London, England.


Every one-hundredth year, two powerful Mythicals, a boy, and a girl, will be sent down in different locations.

21 years later, one is a homeless girl, scavenging for food and a clean place to relax.

The other is a global success, and yet, no one knows his true self.


Zayn's POV

Sometimes I stare out the window and think. Are there others like me out there? Was it a mistake that I was sent here, on Earth, to see how it felt to be rejected.

To hide my powers, I have to wear gloves, almost like that princess from Frozen. But instead of ice powers, I am a Sorcerer. I can use telekinesis, gather my power into balls and hurl it at enemies. I was told the girl was a Mermaid, and speculation in the Myth World was that she might've been the All Mythical in an earthly form.

I often wondered what her name was, who she looked like...

If we ever met, what would she say to me?

Would she recognize me?

The thing is, no one really noticed me back in the Myth World. Hell, I was even bullied and teased. One day, I used my powers on the bullies, and I got suspended. My luck changed once I was chosen to go to Earth, as it is a real honor to go.

I'll bet that the Mermaid was as excited as I was.

I though I would be a loner on Earth. But as it turns out, I auditioned for The X-Factor and was placed with four other lads.

Sometimes I think I can be myself around them.

But I can never show my true self to anyone. Ever.

Unless I happen to run into the Mermaid.

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