learned to hate

being bullied is not a fun thing and it can make people become very violent. thats how my life was. but not anymore. i have become a violent person that can still luv but hate others. :*


4. feel

feel the pain

feel the blade

feel the blood drain

see the red

see the metal shining bright

see the blood running down

hear them scream

hear them cry

hear them yell your name

nothing could have stopped you

all the times

all the lies

all the names

hurt no matter what

feel the blade slowly slid

u have ur friend

he loves u so

u get home

walk to ur room

and go to the last thing u have left in life

he yells ur name

u go running

all the yelling

its to much

u cant take it

its time to go

go to ur mother

who was taken from u

go to ur brother

who never saw day

join them

see them

hold them near

feel no more pain

hear no more names

suffer never again

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