When He Told Me He Loved Me


4. Today is the day!

I got up a little bit earlier so that Amanda out personal stylist could do my hair, make up, and pick out some clothes for me. Niall and the boys will be hear any moment for the recording session. Im really nerves. But fingers crossed that i don't make a fool of myself.

The boys just arrived and my heart is beating 30 miles per hour. Niall was the last one to come through the door. I greeted each boy with a good morning and a smile. But Niall reached over a gave me a small hug and a good morning.

Once they recored Story Of My Life, i walked outside to the patio. And i heard a light knock in the entry door. It was Niall, he asked " Is it cool if i stand out here with you? "

" sure " i replied lightly

" So, Im Niall. And whats your name? "

" Dallas "

" That a pretty name, Dallas. "

" Thanks, i get it from my grandmother. That was her middle name and she was born in Dallas Texas " then i thought " oh crap, im babbling!! "

Before he could reply, Harry came outside with a bag of chips and a soda. He was laughing and the squirrel that was in the trees.

My mom called the boys back into the studio. I felt so stupid! I knew i was going to make myself look dumb. Now he is never going to like me!

When they recored Diana, lunch had arrived and we all sat down to eat. Niall sat next to me, but my little sister tried to sit between us. He giggled and moved down a chair.

Soon after that, me and Niall walked out to the river.

" Sorry for babbling so much earlier " i said

" it's okay. Its kinda cute " he said softly

Niall passed a piece of notebook paper and he whispers " call me later "

He walked back into the apartment and i sat there wondering how amazing this day has been.

When the boys got ready to leave, Niall gave me one last hug and winked at me then walked out the door.

I had butterflies fluttering inside my tummy.

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