When He Told Me He Loved Me


8. Really?

As i walk up Niall's drive way. I see him and a blonde girl on the upstairs patio. I stop and look up. His hands are around her forearms and it looks like he is pushing her gently inside the room. As I'm looking up, i see her going in for a kiss, he lips land right on his cheek bone.

Niall looks down and sees me staring up. I turn around in tears and walk back home thinking that my mother was right.

I hear his nikes crushing the gravel and him yelling " Wait Dallas!! It's not what you think!! "

" well, what was that? I pretty sure i can guess! Don't even talk to me again! "

As I'm getting into the elevator, I'm trying to hold back the tears long enough, so that i can walk back into the loft and not face my mother.

As I'm walking in to the loft, my mom says

" Oh my gosh! Honey are you okay? "

" Mom you where right! Niall was just using me! "

" Honey, please tell me what happened "

" i snuck out of my room and walked down to Niall house and i looked up in his upstairs patio. And he was holding a blonde, British tramp. And she kissed him on the cheek. "

" oh my goodness honey! Im so sorry! You deserve better "

I got up and walked into my room and flopped on the bed. My mother walked in

" honey, One Direction has an appointment here tomorrow. Should I tell them they cant come? "

" no, they can come. Im just not going to leave my room until they leave. "

I laid on that bed all night until 11:45 the next morning.

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