When He Told Me He Loved Me


3. One Direction?

So moms first clients are a group called " One Direction? "

She said it would be 5 guys by the name Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayne.

1 hour later, the door man down stairs called and said that One Direction was here for there appointment.

The next thing i know, there is 5 hot guys walking through my loft. All i could do is stand in the corner and look stupid.

But there was one guy who stood out the most to me. He was the blonde, Irish one with the good teeth. I think his name was Niall?

I felt this kind of connection between us as our eyes met across the room. He seems as beautiful in the inside as he does on the outside.

Through out the photo shoot. The boys where joking around as normal, but Niall kept on peeking over to see if i was paying any attention to him. Of course i was, i just didn't make it to obvious.

At the end of the shoot, the boys asked my mother if they could come back tomorrow and record there new album Midnight Memories, in our studio. My mom glanced over at me and i gave her okay!

As the boys where making there way out of the loft, i heard Niall's accent whisper to Harry " She was beautiful " At that moment my heart melted. But then my mom told me that i got a letter from Ethan saying how much he misses me and loves me with all of his heart. I felt so guilty.

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