When He Told Me He Loved Me


9. can this day be over yet?

As i walked into the kitchen, i looked and Harry popped out of the cabinets looking for a bag of chips

" Hey Dallas, right? "

" Yeah, Hey Harry "

" You alright? "

" Why don't you ask your boy, Niall "

" What happened? "

" i saw him kissing a blonde chick on his upper patio yesterday afternoon. "

" Oh yeah! Thats Nicole. Wait?! Do you and Niall have a thing?! "

" we HAD a thing..but its whatever. "

" Niall and Nicole broke up 3 weeks ago. She has been stalking and watching him ever since. "

" well it sure looked like he was enjoying it. "

" you need to go talk to him and hear him out "

" is he here? "

" no, he called Louis and told him he wasn't feeling good. We all got kind of worried because he never calls in sick. "

" where would he be? "

" he should be at his house "

" ok thank you Harry "

" no problem "

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