There I was, standing all alone looking for the beast who ruined everything there was in life for me. There was no turning back. This is war. I stand still still listening around. With my arrow gun in my hand, I stood straight in the position of shooting. I took of my red cloak when suddenly I started feeling dizzy and collapsed on the ground. At that moment I turned into something horrible and terrifying. My name is Red.


2. Catch me if you can

 "  No I can't. I know your not dangerous. Your ok. Please don't make me do this(to you)". 

"It's the only way to prove it. Red just do it!"

he rapped the chained around him, leaving him stuck to a tree. 

"Robert, there's another way! I know it! Please don't this to yourself". 

" I'm sorry. I love you. Now run away as fast as you can". 

"No I'm staying with you!"

" No Red! Go now. Go!"

she ran up to him giving him possibly the last kiss and ran away as he told her to do so. She tripped and fella d crumpled to the ground. She began to cry. She threw off her cloak and laid in the snow sopping. She closed her eyes and a tear ran down her cheek. He wasn't there to wipe it off. She cried even harder. Suddenly she became tired , trying to stay awake with all he might as if her life depended on it. She started changing, getting hair all over. She remembered Robert. She began to run terrified of what's happening but it was to late. Robert!

       Red woke up of a sound of a simple scream. She couldn't bare her frightful dreams. They felt so real. She got up feeling the cold wooden floor with her bare feet. She noticed a tiny white spark trail that she began to follow, leading her to her grandmother fast asleep in her rocking chair by the door, with her arrow gun in her lap. Red grabbed a blacker from the closet and put it over her sleeping grandmother. She went back to her room and changed out her gown to put on a dress. She put on her red cloak, taking it off for a minute and put it back on. She tiptoed down the stairs and went through the back door entering outside. She made her way down the path where Robert lives. When she got there, she knocked on the wooden window of the house Che opened and looked out. 

"What are you doing here? You know your grandmother doesn't like you alone". 

" I'm not, I'm with you". She smiled. "Sorry about the other day with my grandmother. If I had k we she was going to day that I would of stopped her. She gets out of hand sometimes. Like she has to prove a point". 

"It's fine. You better get going before your grandmother catches you. Until then". 

"Until then". She smiled as she walked away. She ran back to the cottage and went to her room and went to her dresser. She sat down and grabbed her brush and began to brush her  shines black hair. She looked into the mirror. She was missing something. She opened her piano jewelry box an latched it opened. She took out a necklaces and began to strap it around her neck. She turned it around and opened the lock. She looked at her parents. How could they not want her? Why didn't they love her? It didn't matter because they died in a fire two years ago but se cant help but wonder what it would be like if they did. Her grandmother was her family. Her closer. She wasn't grabbing on to different pieces in her life. At least not now. 

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