The Reckless & Charming

Lola Baxter has no motive in life. She lives life by the second, enjoying each day with adventure and recklessness. When Lola gets suspended from school for nearly a month, her parents send her off to her older sister's place in the assumption that she will learn something good from her but Sarah is not the same anymore and finally all hell break loose!


2. A Rebel was born

Once upon a time there lived a husband and wife, Mr and Mrs Baxter. They were two different individuals with common motives -money and prestige. Their marriage was not based on love; rather it was based on what their parents had arranged for them. It was a loveless marriage, yet a happy one. 

Mr Baxter was charming and handsome, nothing to dislike about him while Mrs Baxter was beautiful and smart, lovely traits. They got along just fine, barely any arguments, and they mostly agreed on the same matter. Mr Baxter was a powerful businessman and Mrs Baxter was his intelligent partner. As a couple, they succeeded in their business and accomplished many great projects. Soon they were known as the power couple amongst the business world. 

Seven years into the marriage, the couple agreed on having one child, just one child who could take over their business when they grew old and feeble in the distant future. Mr and Mrs Baxter were all about future planning. And soon, the adorable baby Sarah Baxter was born. Little baby Sarah was everything the couple had wanted in a child and they pampered her. She was the apple of their eyes and Sarah grew up to fit their expectations, a smart girl with wonderful academic interest and signs of great ability at such a young age. Mr and Mrs Baxter were happily content with their only child and everything so far went accordingly as they had planned. However, there was a sudden turn of events. It led to something which they had not expected -another child. 

This child was not only unplanned but also everything they hadn't wanted. Lola Baxter was an accident as her mother often referred to her. For Mr and Mrs. Baxter, she was the symbol of planning gone wrong, a tiny flaw in their carefully woven lives.

Growing up was lonely for Lola. She had a sister but at the same time, she did not. Sarah was looked after by her parents and was their first priority while Lola was left to grow up with nannies. Not just one but several nannies who often quit their job, unable to deal with Lola, Satan Incarnate, Devil Spawn, Heiress of Hell. All that the little girl wanted was some attention from her parents. She craved their affection. She wanted her parents to look after her in the same manner as her sister, as though she was precious. 

At first, Lola looked up to her older sister, someone she aspired to be. Maybe if she replicated her sister's actions, her parents would show her the love and affection they had for her sister. As time wore on, it became clear that nothing she could do that would change her parents' opinion about her. This made Lola envious of her sister. She grew lonelier by the year.

When Lola was seven and her sister ten, Sarah was sent away to boarding school. Finally, she could pretend to be the only child and maybe, just maybe her parents would finally show some interest in her. Lola sorely lacked luck in her short life. She was already failing all her classes at school. Her teachers said she had disorders like ADHD and Dyslexia, words that she could barely even pronounce let alone understand. 

However, Sarah's departure brought little light towards Lola. Her father started to pay her some amount of attention. After all, Lola was his child too, his blood. Mr. Baxter would often play with Lola when he had the time and entertained her with stories, much to Mrs. Baxter's dismay. Mrs. Baxter wanted nothing to do with her second child and she thought her husband was deluded to see any potential in that useless girl. Lola was nothing but a disgrace in Mrs. Baxter's eyes. 

One day, Mr Baxter was away on a business trip without his wife. Mrs Baxter sat in her office, at her computer, working on a new project. Lola had already grown to be a naughty child. It wasn't safe to leave her alone in the house without adult supervision. So Mrs. Baxter had brought Lola with her to her office and sat her on a chair next to her. Lola feared her mother but that never stopped her from trying to converse with her. As an attempt to interact with her mother, she started with what she had done the previous evening.

"I went to play by the lake the other day with Nanny Mae. You know that lake, ma? The one where you used to take Sarah?" Lola spoke with eyes wide at her mother who was busily typing away at the computer

"Hm," was her mother's response, her eyes never leaving the computer screen, not even for a nano second.

"Nanny Mae left me alone for a while when she needed to attend a phone call. She left me alone to play by the river and I was throwing stones at the river from the deck." Lola bit her lower lip, still looking at her mother's face for any kind of reaction, any sign to know if she was listening. "I almost slipped and drowned" she concluded, skipping over the details. How a stray dog appeared behind her, how she had been terrified at that moment, how she had pitched forward from the deck. How she could have very nearly died if she'd drowned which thankfully didn't happen due to Nanny Mae's impeccable timing.

"That's wonderful sweetie," her mother replied nonchalantly, turning a deaf ear to everything her daughter had just told her. 

A few months later, Sarah returned home from boarding school unable to cooperate with her peers. Sarah was an introvert. She never really got along with kids her age. That didn't bother her though, at least she had her parents' undeniable love and affection and a sister who was always willing to look up to her. It wasn't long till that stopped and the two sisters started fighting more often. 

It took Lola some time to figure out that the only time her mother paid any attention to her was when she did something wrong. Rebellion was the key. It became Lola's new motto. A rebel was born.

Lola turned thirteen. Boys began to pay attention to her and she made use of it. She got attention when she was reckless, so why not be reckless all the time? She got attention when she didn't obey her parents. She got attention when she disrespected her teachers. She got attention when she did everything wrong and that felt good, attention felt good and when she got attention she finally felt accepted somewhere. 

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