Piano Girl

Liv had a normal life, a normal friend, a normal family, Until the piano came, then everything changed


1. Intro

I open my eyes and hear the birds sing outside. The water, how it forms waves and how the fishermen clean their boats. I smile and stretch myself, the night was short. Yesterday night there was a party, down at the beach, where my best friend Mary and me went to. We didn´t really expect anything to happen, because we aren´t those kinds of girls, who can turn every boys head immediately. But, although we were just talking with Pina Colladas in our hands, I suddenly felt a strong hand on my hip, and nearly spilt my drink all over my dress. Holy, that was tight!  I turned around to face a boy with brown hair, and had to look up, because he was a head taer than me. I´m really tall for a girl tho, but he..oh god. I love tall boys so much! And his hair, looking so soft and cosy, his hands so big, and his arms so strong. I´m sure he could carry me. Anyways, i looked at him, ad he looked directly into my eyes. Then he opened his mouth and said: "Oh..hello young lady. I´m Liam, and I´m feeling honored because I´ve et a beauty like you. May I know your beautiful name too?" He smiled at me an di could feel goosebumps all over. "Liv" More I couldn´t really say..I was fascinated by his look and his charme. Just everything.  "Nice to meet you, Liv. Would you do us the honor and join the match? My bud and me were about to play a volleyball match, but it´s not funny without some cute chicks ha ha" We laughed and I nodded. Of course I want to!! I grabbed Mary´s arm and we went after Liam. When we saw his friend, mary´s mouth immediately dropped open an I could feel she thought he was hot. No, not hot, he was nearly burning! He introduced himself with Andy, and he seemed to like Mary, what really maed me happy.
So we started to play, and although we all couldn´t do it well, except Andy, it was really funny and we spent the whole night doing it. Later on, Liam brought me home, and hugged me good bye. I hope we meet soon again...I think he´s new in Southport, because I´ve never seen him before.

"LIIIV!!! COME DOWN!" how I hate it when mum calls my name like that..her pitch seems like she´s gonna immitate a bird..dunno..weirdo. I sigh and begin to move slowly. My legs feel like they are about to die...so much sport yesterday..ugh. But it was definately wort it..I can´t stop thinking about Liam..he was juust perfect to me. And we went along so smoothly. Hm..I hope I´l see him soon again. And then I see my mum. I have to hide a laugh because she looks so ugly! Her hair is a ful mess and she smells like sausages. "Liv...I have a present for you.."   Oh..erm..okay..


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