Shut up and kiss me

Shannon was your normal everyday 18 year old, she had problems with people at school but everyone loved her. But one night changes that all, will she ever be the same person or will she crash and burn under all the attention?


1. describing people

Hello I'm Shannon, I'm tall and tanned, I have sandy blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, I'm 18 years old and in my last year of high school, I live with my mum Fiona and stepdad Byron. I have to older siblings, Brittany age 20 and Zoe age 17.

My best friend is Rhiannon, we may not see each other anymore but we will always be best friends, Rhiannon has brown hair that is always in tight curls and stunning blue eyes, she is absolutely stunning, everyone loves her. She also lives with her mum Jodie and stepdad David.

Brittany is 20 years old, and is in a relation ship. She is short with brown hair and blue eyes, she has many tattoos and was a trouble maker when she was younger. She fell prevent at age 15 and gave birth to Nikita at 16, Nikita is now 4 years old and the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, she a small with bright blonde hair and beep blue eyes, she has ahead a hard life even tho she is only 4 but she has a bright cuter ahead of her.

Zoe is 17 years old, and lives with her echoey friend and his family. She is tall with brown hair and blue eyes, and wears glasses. She has suffered from depression for 5 years now and has attempted suicide 3 times now. She is the strongest person I have ever met, she has helped me through many hard times and I am forever great full for that.

Well that's me and my family.

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