how to be a follower of Christ

How to be a follower of Christ is what its called just incase you didn't notice okay well see I am a beliver and I decided to reach out to the people on movellas okay so heres the story of how to be a follower of Christ okay so yea please read


1. how to start the following

If your saved you might not be a follower a follower is someone who will be willing to do anything for him like give up one direction or 5sos or justin beiber or Hunter hayes or some other singers who is not a Christian singer or a singer who is a Christian I am a follower I am fully on the lord if he wants me to give up one direction then I will give them up if he says dont like braden anymore I will stop or atleast try my hardest whatever he says go I will no longer cuss in real-life internet or texting okay I will delet my favorites that have like sex scenes in it okay I am a follower I dont care if I have zero fans or have a million I am standing up for my Christianity if you start to hate me go ahead hate me if you want to delete me from following then who cares I care about the lord no on will change that not even one direction okay so yea think about what I was saying I will post when I have a pull at my heart for me to post another chapter it might be tonite it might be next year but I will always have him in my mind so yea he created us he sent his son his only son to die on the cross for us okay sothink ABOUT what I was saying thanks


 - Alisha a full believer/follower of Christ

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