how to be a follower of Christ

How to be a follower of Christ is what its called just incase you didn't notice okay well see I am a beliver and I decided to reach out to the people on movellas okay so heres the story of how to be a follower of Christ okay so yea please read


2. chapter 2


Okay see being a follower is like wearing you clothes inside and out to school walking down the hall even if people say mean stuff to you doesn't mean you have to be mean back okay see people need to know your a Christian okay it doesn't mean hide it let your light shine see the lord wants us to do alot more in our lives besides being online all day or be texting all day it doesnt mean to be on devises all day okay get in the bible pray okay so get your but off this right after I say these last words


God is our refuge and strength,help in trouble,a very present

psalm 64:1


Remember that okay it might help you I know it helps me so yea byeeeeeee to me and hello to God so go know and get in the good book aka the bible

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