According to Who?

This is a story about a girl who has an extremely hard time in school, but gets help from two friendly girls and an incredibly handsome boy... In the midst of it all, she has to deal with the absence of her mother, who walked out on her father and her a few months prior.


6. Tryouts

After school, students lined up behind the school for the activity tryouts. I was there for Track and Soccer, while Emily was there for Cheerleading, and Alexis for Lacrosse.

I was so nervous, my stomach felt as if it would explode. My throat was so tight I couldn't swallow.

"Hey Anna?" Emily breaks me out of my daze. "Are you ok? Your hand is shaking a little." She finishes, and grabs my slightly trembling hand.

"Yep. I'm just a little scared,that's all." I admit.

"I'm sure you'll be great. I heard that almost everybody makes the Track Team, so you have nothing yo worry about."

"Thanks Em, but what about soccer? Only 7 girls and 7 boys make the team. I have a One out of like.... Twenty Five chance of making the team." I say while looking at the line for soccer tryouts.

"Ooo... Somebody's been working on their math." Emily teases, while poking me in the ribs.

"I have to go to the track tryouts now." I wave disorderly as I walk away, smiling.

"Bye!" She yells.

I laugh as I see her walk into the Cheerleader line. Everyone stares at her and gives her ugly looks, but she just smiles and waves.

I walk into the Track line and tell the lady highlighting names, "Annabel Adams."

"Alright, what events do you do?" She asks.

"100, 200, 4 by 1, Shot-put." I inform her.

"Okay. All I need is your medical information, and you are on the team."

"Really? Okay." I say, amazed that that's all I had to do.

"We have records from your middle school track times. You are really fast." She says with no emotion.

"Thanks." I reply, also expressionless.

"Uh huh. Now go to your next line." She points away from her, exasperatedly.

"Ok jeez." I whisper annoyed as well.


"Ladies!" Coach Ben screeches, "Line up in front of the boys!"

I look around the soccer tryouts, and see that I am about right. Twenty seven people. 15 are girls.

"First things first!" Coach Dave spits out. "If you have no past experiences with soccer leave NOW!"

Four girls giggle 'embarrassingly' as they leave.

"Boys!" He yells again. "Turn to the girl in front of you. Coach Dave and I, will walk around and watch while you pass."

I around to face my partner; a boy with curly, black hair, dark grey eyes, a tattoo of raging ball of fire on his arm.

He waves a hello to me, and I see the the fireball... I look again, to see it was actually a soccer ball on fire.

"Cool tattoo!" I point, "Where did you get it? I was thinking about getting one." I finish.

5. Get a Tattoo

"Tammy's Tats." He says. "She's the best." He states flatly, and passes me the ball again with a small hop as the Coach Dave and Ben walk up to us.

I stop the ball neatly under my left foot, and move it forward to pass it back toward Michael.

"Nice job guys." Dave says, while only glancing in our direction.


"Keep it up!" Ben yells enthusiastically as we finish up our passing. "Next we have goal scoring and goalkeeping." He points towards the goals.

"Goalies line up behind the posts, and other players grab a ball and start shooting." Dave demands.

I run to the bleachers alongside the other 'non goalies' to get the soccer balls. After we run back, I see that only three goalies have tried out, but I can't tell who they are because their backs are turned, talking to the Coach.

"Start kicking!" He demands, as he spins around and directs one of the goalies into the box.

I recognize two of the goalies now. One is a curly, dark haired boy from my art class, the second, is my neighbor, Sarah. When the last goalie turns around, a jolt is sent through my body. Logan.

He is the second goalie to go between the posts, after the curly haired boy.

'How am I supposed to shoot with him as the goalie?' I ask myself in wonder.

His gorgeous brown hair gets ruffled tremendously, as the wind brushes through his hair in a fury. Another ball is rocketed towards him, and he dives into the ground to save it. I can't help but stare.

'Am I drooling?' I look around at the other players. They are giving me expectant looks.

"Aren't you going to kick?" Asks an agitated girl to my left.

'Oh... Right! What is this boy doing to me?'

I push the ball a little with my foot, and bound forward to kick it. It shoots directly where I want it to go, (Corner of the net) but at the last second, Logan reaches out and grabs it.

"Nice shot." He nods, and smiles tongue in cheek

**Hey Guys! I Need Some Help With The Tattoo Place Name. (Tammy's Tats) Do You Have Any Better Names? Anyway, Thanks For Reading! Love Y'all<3**

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