According to Who?

This is a story about a girl who has an extremely hard time in school, but gets help from two friendly girls and an incredibly handsome boy... In the midst of it all, she has to deal with the absence of her mother, who walked out on her father and her a few months prior.


8. Sleepover

Alexis presses her button that opens the garage, and drives her pink Volkswagen all the way to the back.

"Emily is coming in a little while with Krista." She informs me after taking the keys out of the ignition. "She had to pack her bags before sleeping over. Oh!" She exclaims and points over to me. "You should sleep over too!"

"I guess." I reply, emotionless. "My dad is at a business meeting until tomorrow evening."

"O-M-G that's awesome!" She screeches, then covers her mouth frantically. "I mean about you spending the night..." She apologizes instantly.

"It's okay. More time with you guys." I send her a fake smile.

"We are going to the beach tomorrow!" She tries to change the subject. "Justin will meet us there, with Emily's brother, Michael."

"Really? I didn't bring a swimming suit." I gesture towards my backpack. "Or a toothbrush. Or pajamas." I laugh, while she drags me into her house while shaking her head at me.

She knocks on the door.

"Hey, Brandon." Alexis shoves past him, after he opens the door.

He gives her a dirty look and walks down a hallway, and into a bedroom.

"Just make yourself at home." Alexis throws her hands up in the air, and gestures around her monstrosity of a house.

And I do. I throw my shoes down in a frenzy and start to explore her house.

After awhile, I put my backpack in Alexis room, hang up my sweater, and walk into their kitchen.

I see Alexis, bent over the oven with an apron around her waist that says; 🍓Berry Sweet!🍓

"Cookies?" She grins, and holds out a pan of dough.


43 cookies and a flour fight later....

"Hahaha." I roll over on the floor until I face Alexis, who's fighting her giggles.

I wipe the flour off from above my brow, and laugh at Alexis, whose head looks like a powdered donut.

"I think I need a shower." I imply.

"Oh, right." She points down the hall. "It's down there. First door to the left."

"Thanks." I pull myself up, and almost slip on loose flour.

Alexis erupts into a laughing war within herself and rolls into a small pile of dough.

"HAAAAAAAAA!!!!" She points at me. "YOU FELL!!"

"I think you've had enough sugar." I say gently, and brush some of the flour off my butt.

"Left?" I walk down the hall and point at the far door in the far back. She nods.

After I step into the blue bathroom, I peel my clothes off and step into a cold shower.


15 mins later...

I had just gotten done with my shower, and was already changing into Alexis' extremely small clothes.

"They are supposed to be tight!" She tries to convince me.

By the time Emily and Krista arrive, I am wearing a tight purple top with black lettering, (I <3 1D) and a short, black skirt.

Emily comments on my outfit when she walks through door; Krista hot on her tail.

"Nice shirt." She giggles. "You too?"

"You don't like One Direction?" I ask, appalled.

"Of course I do." She stares wide-eyed at me. "Just, I didn't peg you as a skirty person." I attempt to conceal my legs.

"Don't mess with her head!" Alexis says, still high on sugar. "She looks FABULOUS!"

"Ewwww." I mumble under my breath in discuss. I hate that word.

"Everybody in the living room!" Alexis starts walking around get house as we follow.

"Logan, Brandon! Get your butts in here this instant!" She rages... Nicely?

After everybody is in the living room, Emily and Brandon sit next to each other, I am between Alexis and Logan, and Krista is on the floor in front of Brandon's feet.

Alexis suggests we play a game.

"We can play... Truth or dare? Would you Rather...? or Apples to Apples?" Brandon suggests.

"I vote 'Truth or Dare.'" Says Brandon and Emily.

"Apples to Apples." Krista says.

The rest of us exchange looks and place our votes. "Would you Rather."

Alexis stands up with her hands on her small hips. "Would you Rather wins. Majority rules!"

Emily starts out by asking everybody, "Would you Rather... Be half your height or Double your weight?"

Everybody but Alexis says they would be half their height.

"I would be like two feet tall!" She claims.

Everybody of course cracks up at this, and Brandon asks, "Would you Rather... Have a rewind button in your life or a pause button?"

"Pause button. No doubt." I whisper. "There's no way I could live through my life again. I would die out of insanity." I shake my head. "Not to be a drama queen."

Alexis sits next to me and smiles sympathetically at me. It stays silent like that for about a minute, before Logan, (Thankfully) comes up with another question.

"Would you Rather... Always know when someone is lying or Always get away with lying?"

We all choose getting away with lying, besides Krista, who would rather know when people are lying to her.

"Now you can only ask one person!" Alexis alters the rules.

"Okay." We all nod in agreement.

"Emily, Would you Rather... Fly or Read Minds?" Alexis points at her.

"Read minds, because then I would know what people think about me." She smiles cautiously at Brandon.

I can see the edge of a smile on Logan's perfect lips.

Wait. 'Perfect lips?'

"Brandon, Would you Rather... Kiss Alexis or Emily." He asks him, and I look at Alexis who smiles at Emily.

I look at Krista who is just plain confused, and I stifle a small giggle with my left hand.

"Emily of course." He states confidently. "No offense Alexis."

"No prob!" She brushes it off immediately, too focused on Emily's reaction than anything else.

"Huh?" Emily seems confused. "Why me?"

"Well first, you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Second, you are incredibly intelligent. Third, you are super funny and the nicest. Lastly, why not?" He aims his goofy grin at her.

I look at Emily, who blushes, then I look at Alexis who gives me a knowing look.

"Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!" Me and Alexis yell at Brandon. (Yeah... We still have a lot of sugar in our systems) Logan hides his face in a couch pillow to cover up his laughter.

I can see Emily and Brandon slowly lean toward each other, but decide against it.

"He didn't say he liked me!" She says and looks away.

"Practically." He tells her and lifts her chin with the pads of his fingers.

"Wha-" She stutters out, before Brandon presses his lips to hers.

Krista stares in amazement, Logan claps, and me and Alexis make small "Awws!"

Two minutes later... (Umm.)

"Okay! Okay! That's enough." Alexis jokingly throws a pillow at their faces.

"Excuse me?" Brandon breaks away from Emily-whose face is flushed.

He lift the pillow from off the ground and hold it behind his back. "What did you say?" He teases, and looks quickly at me.

I get the hint, and quickly grab the nearest cushion.

"Pillow fight!" Alexis shouts, and launches herself at Logan, who jumps away at the last second.

"Loser." She fake pouts at him, but smacks me directly in the face, (with a pillow of course) causing me to fall into Krista on the ground.

"Hey!" She pushes me off, and trips Brandon-who falls on the couch face first.

"It just got real!" He yells, throws Emily over his shoulder and runs across the room. "I'll save you, my dear princess!"

"Put me down!" She laughs, as Brandon quickly obliges. "This princess can kick your butt anytime!" She proves her point by doing a jump-front kick in the air and landing in the splits.

"Fine." He shrugs, and slowly stalks toward her. Pillow hidden in the back of his shirt.

"No, no, no!" She squeals and runs behind Logan. Brandon swings, and hits Logan in his stomach. Hard.

"You little-" Logan snatches my pillow, hits the back of Brandon's head, then puts it back in my hands.

"Uh uh!" Brandon looks fiercely at me, then tackles me into the couch cushions.

"Monkey pile!" Alexis shouts, and jumps on top of Brandon.

Krista, Emily, and Logan soon follow Alexis' lead, and jump on too.

I am crushed under everyone, but still laugh as we fall off the couch and tumble onto the floor.

"We have serious issues." I let my comment hang out there for awhile. "Just saying."

I try to throw my hands up in defense, but accidentally smack someone. "Oops..." I so very rudely laugh it off.

"Hey, that was my ear!" Krista shouts from under Emily. "I can't even hear out of it now!" She yells louder.

"Clearly." I tease.

"Haha." She replies, "I heard that though."

"Of course you did." I roll my eyes and see Logan chuckling at my expression.

"Umm... Can we get up now?" Emily asks loudly.

We untangle our bodies, and sit alongside each other on the giant couch.

"Sooo. Who wants to watch a movie?"

Of course it was Alexis. Always the one with 'wonderful' ideas.

**Sorry It Took Me Forever! Honestly! I Have Been SOO Busy! But I Hope You Like This Chapter. Thanks For Reading! Love Y'all <3**

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