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This is a story about a girl who has an extremely hard time in school, but gets help from two friendly girls and an incredibly handsome boy... In the midst of it all, she has to deal with the absence of her mother, who walked out on her father and her a few months prior.


3. New Year, New Experiences

A few weeks after my mother left us, my dad and I went shopping for school supplies. We were getting along quite well, besides the fact that we don't really know how to react to one another. He and I have been bonding more and more since she left. Her past behavior towards him and I definitely effected how we saw each other. We never really got the father-daughter experiences, and we have the opportunity to start over, beginning with school. 'Oh' I thought. 'One more to add to my list!'

#14. Reach Maximum Bondage With Dad

I made a short list containing goals I hope to achieve by the end of the school year, or my life. It's kind of like a bucket list. Hopefully, I can cross off some more of the things on my To-Do List this year. Here are the all of the ones I have so far...

Anna's To Do List

1. Annoy the lunch lady enough until she gives you what you want (Done)

2. Skip school for a random/dumb reason

3. Learn to swim

4. Fall in love

5. Get a tattoo

6. Don't talk for an entire day. (Done)

7. Befriend someone

8. Try to do a somersault (Done)

9. Play a sport (Done)

10. Eat a Turkey Sandwich (Done)

11. Get an A in Math

12. Share a FIRST kiss

13. Cross Everything off this list

14. Reach Maximum Bondage with Dad

Yeah, I guess it looks stupid, but I figured that it would help me learn to set goals for myself. I need something to work for. (Expectations for myself) I haven't showed the list to anyone or anything. The reason being, I don't have anybody to show anyway. I have no friends, and the only family I have is my dad.

Anyway, back to the present. I don't have a drivers license, so my dad is driving me to school today. I'm in 11th grade, and I am not happy whatsoever. The reasons are clear. I have no friends, I suck at math, people don't know I exist, and I have zero tolerance for fake people.

My dad drives into the school parking lot, and students stare intensely at his car, and smirk. I duck my head and try not to be seen.

15. Get a Drivers License

My dad pulls into a parking space near the front of the school, and as soon as he stops completely, I run out of the car before anybody can see me.

The school yard was filled with teens of every sort. (I took the liberty of naming each one) The 'Princesses' were seated a blanket in the shade, so they wouldn't get dirty. The 'Barbies' were sitting under a tree's shade, brushing each other's hair and doing their makeup. These girls had big boobs and thick lipstick. The 'Smarties' were sitting on a bench discussing books they read over summer break. The 'Anti-everything's' were sitting in a circle in the grass staring at each other. The 'Skittles' were the artsy type of people, who were standing in front of the school in brightly colored shirts. Lastly, there was the Jocks and the Cheerleaders. The cheer captain, Kelsey, was in the quarterback's face, (I forget his name) making out. Me? I'm in a group all on my own. I blend in, but I feel like I'm out in the open, left to fend by myself. I guess it's always been that way.

"BRRRING!!" The school bell rings, and students reluctantly get up and head inside the small high school.

"Move!" and "Go!" Bounce throughout the schoolyard as they pile through the small doors. I shrink back and let everyone in front of me.

After most of the students were in, I was able to squeeze myself through the tiny doors and into the hallways.

"Oomph!" I look up to see the boy I ran into, dump his books all over the floor. My thoughts were preoccupied, so I didn't see him coming.

"I'm so sorry!" I sincerely apologize to him.

"I'm not always clumsy like this." He glances at me, then starts to pick up his books.

"It's ok..." He speaks softly, not looking my way again. I bend down to help him, but he already finished gathering them, and was now walking away as if I hadn't just practically shoved him on the floor. As I watch him walk away, I realize that class has already started.

I quickly scramble down the hall, and straight into my first class. When I open the door, the teacher looks up. "Ahhh... Annabel Adams. Take a seat." She smirks at me as she says this. I nod, and do exactly that.

"I've heard you want a tutor in your math class." I nod slowly, and wonder how she knew.

"I called upon an exceptional student and they were willing to help you." She smiles sweetly.

"Okay..." I reply, unsure how to answer.

She walks back to the front of the classroom and continues the lecture. But only after she places a hand on my shoulder and says, "Oh, and my name is Ms. Nelson." While she teaches the class, I look around the room to see the students staring at me. Most of them probably wondering why I'd wanted a tutor. I quickly turn toward Ms. Nelson and start listening in on the lesson.

By the end of class, I had managed to not only stay awake, but to actually pay attention. Ms. Nelson seemed pretty happy with our complete and utter participation.

My next classes flew by, and before I knew it... It was lunch time. Every year at lunch, I sit alone. This year, when I arrive at the cafeteria, only a few people are seated. So I decide to sit down at a corner table in the back. When people start to pile inside the small, cramped cafeteria, I start to feel uncomfortable. Most of them glance at me, then move to a different table. More and more people come through the small doors until all the tables are filled. Except mine... I am alone.


When the lunch lady starts to put out the food, I go to the lunch line and buy an apple, a bottle of water and some pizza. As I sit down at the lunch table, I'm surprised to see that I'm not alone. I look to my left and see a short girl, with smallish features, and really dark brown hair that was put in spikes pointing in every direction.

"Hi! I saw that you were sitting alone, and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Alexis Young. I wanted to know if you would want to sit with my friends and me? Plus, you look like a really likable person."

The girl named Alexis rambles for a minute before asking my name. "You are really pretty. You should let me do your makeup. I bet you would look H-O-T! Oops. I'm sorry... I didn't catch your name...?"

"Annabel, but you can call me Anna." I reply shortly before she cuts me off with her fast talking.

"I like Anna much better! That is such a pretty name. Hey? Are you gonna come sit by me or not?" She smiles, grabs my hand, and drags me over to her table. I glance at the surrounding tables, eager to see if they make their usual side comment on my style of clothing, but nobody says anything. They just stare at Alexis like she has some serious issues. Nobody normal would EVER want to hang out with me.

I'm invisible, I am just another plain Jane with brown waist length hair, and blue eyes. I stand at the height of about 5'5, and have few curves on my body.

Boys at my school like stupid, short skirt, high heeled, blondes with big butts and giant boobs. Nobody has time for me, unless they need help or an essay due in English.

"Emily this is Anna Adams. Anna, this is Emily Bosco." Alexis says loudly, pointing at a short haired, brunette with blonde highlights. "Hi Anna." Her voice is gentle, but filled with excitement like Alexis's.

"Hello." I smile warmly at her.

"And this is my boyfriend Justin Stout." She grins ear to ear, gazing at a blonde boy who resembles a surfer. He looks back at her with love filled eyes. I mutter a hello to him, and let Alexis continue her introduction.

"Lastly, this is Justin's best friend, Brandon King." A dark haired boy with ALOT of freckles waves at me with a goofy smile on his face.

"Hi, I'm Anna Adams." I burst out, fighting the urge to laugh at his expression, figuring he wouldn't find it funny.

But, I am proven wrong when Emily laughs, while he sticks his tongue out and laughs along. (I really need to start talking to more teens)

"So, what classes do you have?" A very persistent Alexis asks, so I pass her my schedule.

"Ooo! Ooo! You have art with Emily and I! And you have gym with all of us! Oh, and you have Language Arts with my brother and Math with both my brother and I. NO!!! You and Justin have Science with the evil Cheerleaders, and the Quarterback!!" She screeches.

"First off, how do you know their schedule? And second of all, you have a brother in the same grade as you?" I give her a questioning look.

"For the first question, I have my resources... And for the second, my brother and I are fraternal twins. And for the record, we have nothing in common. He is a math genius, I am a fashionista. He keeps to himself, I am very outgoing. He has green eyes, I have hazel. The only thing we have in common in our dark brown hair." She finishes without taking a breath.

"Ok Lexi," Emily jokes. "She asked why you had a brother in the same grade, not his life story." I grin widely and look around the table. I think I just achieved a goal...

7. Befriend Someone (Done)

**Hey, It's Me Again. Hopefully You Liked This Chapter A Lot. If Not, I Promise To Try And Make The Next One A Lot Better. Thanks For Reading my Story, Love Ya'll <3**

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