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This is a story about a girl who has an extremely hard time in school, but gets help from two friendly girls and an incredibly handsome boy... In the midst of it all, she has to deal with the absence of her mother, who walked out on her father and her a few months prior.


10. Beach Part 1

Everybody is sitting around the dinner table eating quietly for once, when Alexis so kindly reminds us about our trip to the beach.

"Yay!" I pump my fist in false enthusiasm, and give a pointed look at Alexis. "I won't even fit in any of your suits anyway. I'm too fat."

"Do you want me to slap you?" She gasps at me. "You are beautiful and so skinny!"

"Uh huh... And Brandon is a flying, purple unicorn." I joke unhumorously, and place my bacon back down on my plate.

Brandon gives me a strange grin, "Hey, if I were a unicorn, I definitely wouldn't be purple. I would be... Orange!" He says orange with his nose scrunched upwards.

"I would be pink!" Alexis jumps in.

"I would actually be purple." Emily puts her plate away and walks out of the room with her phone pressed to her ear.

"Green." I smile, and think of Logan's eyes.

"Blue, for me." Said person informs us, and looks and Krista.

"What about you, Krissy?" He asks her and gestures to all of us.

I get a weird feeling in my stomach when he calls her Krissy, but I push it away immediately when she answers.

"Red, for fire. I would've chosen orange, but Brandon had to choose that already."

"Sorry Kris." Brandon apologizes, clearly not sorry about something so stupid.

"Are you guys done yet?" Emily walks back into the room and looks at us like we're pigs.

"Justin and Michael just called. They will be over soon, so everybody should get into their swimming suits!"


"Eeep! You look aamazing!" Alexis screeches, while Emily's jaw drops, and Krista smiles and nods.

They are all in their swimsuits already. Alexis; in a pink bikini with white polka dots. Emily; in a blue one piece suit, with a strange circle design across her stomach. Krista; in a purple, paint splattered tankini with no straps.

"You guys look great. Let me see now?" I say, more like a question than a demand.

"Alrighty, here you go." Alexis grabs my hand and drags me in front of her full length mirror.

I stare in shock. That girl in the mirror, it's not me. She's too beautiful.

She is wearing a neon green one piece, with slits open on the sides. Her hair falls loosely around shoulders, and reaches down to her waist. The suit complements her eye color by calling attention to the beautiful blue.

"You likey?" Emily teases, and pulls me away from the mirror.

"Holy... Wow." I keep glancing back at the mirror when the others start packing their bags.

"Shut up and grab a towel." Krista finally talks, even if was to get me moving.

Ding, Ding, Ding!!

We all look up at the same time, and Alexis yells," They're here!"

The echo of her voice bounces through the hall, causing Logan and Brandon to yell happily from the room next door.

"Finally!" I hear Brandon, as he and Logan go to answer the door.

"Now it's even. Four boys, four girls." Logan agrees.

Alexis gives Emily a strange look. "Even? What's that supposed to mean?"

Laughing quietly I say, "I guess we'll find out."


The ride to the beach went smoothly. (Not even close)

The car was too small for eight teenagers to fit inside, so we ended up having Logan drive, while Emily sat Brandon's lap, and Alexis on Justin's lap. I sat shotgun, while Krista sat next to Michael in the far back. (Awkward silence...)

Through the first five minutes, Logan kept glancing over at me. I felt really strange, due to the tight swimming suit I was wearing, but I felt happy that he was even looking at me at all.

About fifteen minutes in, I accidentally bump the volume button for the stereo, and Pompeii by BASTILLE, blasts over the speakers.

"Eh-Eh-Oh-Eh-Oh. Eh-Eh-Oh-Eh-Oh. Eh-Eh-Oh-Eh-Oh..."

We all cover our ears immediately, but not from the music. Alexis screeches from the back seat, "I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!"

'I was left to my own dev-i-i-i-i-ces.'

Alexis sings along, and Krista dances wildly in the back; throwing her hair everywhere. The pounding of the music makes me want to dance as well, but instead I bob my head to the beat.

"Many days fell away with nothing to show."

Alexis pokes Justin frantically, until he complies and sings also.

"And the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we lo-o-o-ove."

Krista whips Michael once more with her hair, and he gives in to dancing as well.

"Great clouds roll over the hills, bringing darkness from above."

Everybody is dancing (Besides Logan of course, who's driving.) and singing to the loud music on the speakers.

Emily is bouncing on Brandon's lap, singing at the top of her lungs, while he smiles and sings quietly. Alexis looks like she might hyperventilate from all the happiness around her, and Justin just holds on to her firmly. Krista and Michael look like puck rockers in the back; throwing their head and limbs around.

Logan and are are doing exactly the same thing; singing loudly and bobbing our heads to the beat, but not as forceful as the backseat punk rockers.

The chorus comes up, and everybody jumps, throws their hands up, and shouts it out. (Except Logan, who clearly can't release the steering wheel.)

"But if you close your eyes, (Eh-Oh. Eh-Oh) Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all? And if you close your eyes, (Eh-Oh. Eh-Oh) does it almost feel like you've been here before?"

I am in the zone. I am now gone from the world and into my personal bubble, but I'm pretty sure I look like I'm having a seizure.

"How am I gonna be an optimist about this? How am I gonna be an optimist about th-"

The music stops and we all freeze, sending death glares at the person responsible for the quietness.


"What?" He sends us back a glare. "We're here."

"Oh. Okay." We say in synch, and scramble out of the car. (It's creepy, I know)


After everybody sets their stuff down on the sand, we all head down to the water.

Krista and Michael seem to have become chummy, so they set out to build a sandcastle. I watch them from my towel; Michael finds an abandoned bucket, and they start collecting wet sand, seaweed, small seashells, and broken rocks. I can tell by the smiles that Krista is throwing Michael, she wants to impress him. I'm pretty sure it's working too.

Alexis grabs Emily's hand, and they run into the water, "Ahhhmigod!!" Alexis shrieks.

"It's freezing cold!" Emily visibly shivers.

"It can't be that bad." I see Justin and Brandon with surfboards over their shoulders.

Alexis scoffs. "What are you doing with those?"

"Learning to surf of course!" Brandon answers for him.

"Surf?" Emily mocks. "You can't even ride a skateboard right."

"Don't be ridiculous, girl." Justin steps into the water and sprays some on her with his foot. "We'll show you."

"Don't count on it." Alexis gives him a kiss, and drags Emily out of the water to watch.

They sit near the water, close to where Krista and Michael are building their sandcastle. Emily and Alexis, Brandon and Justin, Krista and Michael, Anna and....

"Hey, you." Logan breaks me from my loner thoughts, and holds out a frisbee. "Wanna play?"

"Duh." I state, while grabbing the frisbee and running down the length of the small beach.

"Catch!" I suddenly stop, and whip the frisbee at Logan in a backwards motion.

He sees it coming though, and stands ready. He almost catches it, until the wind tips it slightly to the left and he nosedives into the sand.

He still caught it.

"Woah." I whisper to myself, amazed. He must have had a goalie instinct or something.

"I wish I could do that!" I yell this time.

He smiles, almost too happy about my praise. "Yeah, me too." He clearly teases me when he says this.


For next thirty minutes, we all ended up watching Justin and Brandon fail at surfing.

Krista and Michael gave up on the sandcastle after the third wave washed it out. Now they are sitting down next to Emily and Alexis while Justin flips over his board.

The frisbee game got boring as well, and Logan and I ended up racing down the beach.

I beat him.


I run until I feel like passing out. Eventually though, Logan suggests that we take a break.

"Your legs are longer." I explain. "It's totally cheating."

"You're the fastest girl I've ever met." He shakes his head and sits down on a rock, "Seriously," he continues. "I only beat you by about two inches anyway."

"I can run the 100 meter dash in about 12.5-ish seconds." I boast

"Same." He says, marveled.

"You running track?" I ask, interested.

"Sure." He shrugs as if it were obvious.

"You tried out?" I question.

"Yeah... You didn't?" I shake my head immediately when he asks.

"Well... The lady told me that they had times for me from middle school." I explain, and kneel down in front of him. "So I didn't have to try out because I was so fast."

He smirks down at me and asks with a gleam in his gorgeous green eyes, "Wanna swim?"

"Uhhh......." I stare into the freezing cold, raging waters. "I can't."

"Whatcha mean?" His grin is erased immediately.

"I can't." I frown at the look on his face. "I don't know how."

"Ohhhh." He nods in understanding, before grabbing my hand and pulling me up. "I guess I'll have to teach you then."

3. Learn To Swim (Done)

**Hey Again! I Apologize For Not Updating Enough... But I Hope You Understand. Tell Me If You Liked This Chapter, And What I Can Do To Make This Story Better. Thank You For Reading!! Love Y'all<3**

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