According to Who?

This is a story about a girl who has an extremely hard time in school, but gets help from two friendly girls and an incredibly handsome boy... In the midst of it all, she has to deal with the absence of her mother, who walked out on her father and her a few months prior.


4. Art and Gym

For once in a very long time, I actually enjoyed being alive. Alexis and her friends were really entertaining. Emily and Brandon fought playfully throughout lunch over the dumbest things. I learned a lot about all of them, and it showed me what kind of people they are. Brandon and Justin tutor kids in science and social studies, while Emily and Alexis, have a goal to make girls feel really great about themselves. They pick random girls, and take them on giant shopping trips. Then, they give them a makeover. I even told them things about me. I told them about my volunteering at daycares and schools.

"I run track, and play soccer." I state, while everybody tells me their hobbies. Alexis draws and shoots photography. Justin plays soccer, football, and wrestles. Brandon works on cars and is on the math team. Emily does gymnastics and wants to be a cheerleader.

She even makes a point of doing the splits in the hallway while we head to art class. I am extremely impressed by how limber she is.

"Em, you totally have to show me how to do that!" Alexis exclaims, apparently impressed as well.

"I'll show you both how." Emily says, staring pointedly at me with a grin on her face.

"Ohhhh no! I will never do that, and anyway class is about to start." I back away slowly.

"Ok, then I will teach you after school. Here's my number." She hands me a piece of paper.

"Lexi's number is on there too." I marvel at the piece of paper and the sweet girls in front of me. They are so welcoming, I'm not used to feeling this way. I unexpectedly run up and hug them both. After I realize what I'm doing, I jump back and apologize.

"Oh my gosh! Sorry! I didn't mean to invade your personal space or anyth-" I was cut off by Emily, who pulls me into a tight, warm hug. Alexis joins in and screeches,

I found a new BFF!!! Emily, Anna, and Alexis!!!!" I grin goofily, and walk into art with my new friends.

We sit next to each other at a long rectangular table in the center of the room.

"Hello everybody! My name is Mr. Eggert, I am going to be your art teacher for the rest of the year." A tall, thin man walks into the class with a giant grin etched on his bony face.

"This guy looks friendly..." Emily whispers over to Alexis who nods.

"Our first project is based on recycling. You must create a 3-D model made out of recyclables. This is a group project, you and 3 other people must complete this task before next week. Your partners are sitting next to you."

Alexis, Emily, and I share knowing looks.

"Wait! Who is our other partner?" I ask, and look down the table to meet a pair of Violet eyes. This girl has silky black hair, and is taller than both me and Alexis. She looks like one of the exchange students.

"Hi, I'm Krista Scott. I think I'm going to be your partner during this art project." She informs us with a slight British accent.

"I'm Alexis, this is Emily, and this is Annabel." Alexis shakes her hand, Emily smiles, and I wave.

"If you don't mind me asking... Would you like to sit by us at lunch tomorrow?" Emily asks.

"Yeah, I think we should get to know each other more, if we want to work on this project as an effective group." I add.

"Omg!! You should come over to my house today! Emily and Anna are gonna come too! Emily is gonna teach me how to do cool gymnastic stuff!" Alexis is back to her normal, perky self.

"Alright, but are you sure? I mean... we just met." I laugh out loud at her expression, forcing Alexis and Emily to join in. "I just met them today too... They are very welcoming."

"Awwwww!! I love you too!" Alexis exclaims and throws herself at me.

"I think I might like this group..." Krista says in a loud voice to Emily, who grins profusely at us.

"Alright, alright! Let's get started on the project!" I scold them in a playful voice.

"Ok. Well, I think that we should make the Eiffel Tower out of soda pop tops." Suggests Emily.

"OR... A giant paper mâché SHOE made of water bottle paper!!" Screeches a very excited Alexis.

"I think that we should make a fake tree this big," Krista makes a gesture with her hands.

"And put all of the things people should recycle, hanging from the branches."

I like all their ideas, so I submitted vote. "I think that we should do the Eiffel Tower idea," Emily smiles at me and raises up her hand in a thumbs up gesture.

"Me too," She says. "Duh..."

"Me three!" Alexis jumps in.

"I guess we could do that." Krista replies in a quick whisper.


We made Alexis draw a 2D model of our future project on a sheet of paper, while Krista, Emily, and I gave her helpful suggestions on what it should look like. Before long, class had ended and we leave to go to our next class; gym.

"Too bad Krista doesn't have gym with us... She would probably be awesome!" Alexis talks/yells to us as we walk into the locker rooms.

"Yeah, I guess so." I respond at the same time as Emily.

"I think she has Design and Modeling with Michael." Alexis informs us.

I look at her strangely, before asking, "Who's Michael?"

"That's my brother... And if you're wondering why he is in the same grade as me, it's because he was adopted."

"Am I the only one who doesn't have any siblings?" I wonder aloud.

"No, Brandon doesn't have any siblings either." Answers Emily, clearly in a dreamy daze.

"You like him don't you?!" I ask immediately, as we start changing into our gym shorts. She blushes, but nods slowly and says,

"But we're best friends, and he probably doesn't think of me that way."

"YOU CANT KNOW THAT!!" Alexis screeches, clearly excited about boy-talk.

Seconds after her outburst, the lady gym teacher comes into the locker room and tells us to head into the basketball court.

When I walk into the small court, I see rows of boys and girls lined up against the wall. On the boy's side, I know only 3, Brandon, who stands against the wall and waves at Emily, Justin who stands directly across from Alexis and winks, and lastly, the quarterback, Jason. (I think)

On the girl's side, I know most of them, Alexis, Emily, Sarah, (my neighbor) and the cheer team girls. After my analyzation, the coach steps in between the lines and says,

"Team captains, Logan and Sarah." I look over to Sarah as she walks up to the front, and that's when I see the other captain, Logan. He resembles someone I know, and it takes me quite awhile to realize who he is.

"Is that yo-" I ask Alexis.

"Yes." She replies instantly.

I look at him again. He has straight, dark brown hair that falls just above his eyebrows in a mess. He is lean with a few visible muscles in his arms, and he is probably 5'11/6'0 ft tall. I stare at him intensely. He has the most gorgeous green eyes, and breathtaking smile. I can tell that Alexis is related to him because they have the same nose and forehead.

He walks to the front of the class and chooses right away.

"Alexis." She smiles broadly and runs up to him excitedly. I'm surprised to see how close they are. Most siblings don't even talk to each other at this school.

"Brandon." Sarah.

"Kellan." Logan.

"Ashley." Sarah.

"Emily." Logan.

"Justin." Sarah.

I see Alexis and Emily point me out to Logan.

"Annabel" I walk up to them and smile, grateful I'm on their team.

"Jason." Sarah, calls out the next teammate.

After all the students are chosen, we start the game. Ashley (cheerleader) marks Alexis, I mark Brandon, Emily marks Sarah, Kellan marks Justin, and Logan marks Jason.

The game starts out with Sarah, tossing the ball to Ashley, who gets the ball taken away by Alexis, who tosses it Kellan, who does a fancy move before getting the ball taken away by Justin, who scores.

The next restart, begins with Logan, tossing the ball to Alexis, who tosses it to Emily, who gets tripped by Ashley, who tries to shoot the ball, but instead throws the ball accidentally at me, who turns around and scores.

The game continues like this, until everybody started goofing. Brandon throws me over his shoulder the every time I try to shoot, Emily and Sarah laugh hysterically every time they try to block each other, and Alexis jumps on Ashley's back, or pulls her ponytail every time she gets the ball.

By the end of gym, everybody was laughing. (Besides Jason, who was always serious about sports...) Even the gym teacher had a small grin on his face. Alexis was rambling in the locker room, about how she kicked Ashley's butt. Literally. Nobody kept score and we all had a good time. The coach even asked Brandon to join the basketball team, which Brandon of course accepted.

I was surprised to find, that I wasn't half bad at basketball. Apparently so was Emily.

"O-M-G! We rocked!" She exclaims.

"Yeah we did!" Alexis agrees enthusiastically.

"Are you guys going to the tryouts after school?" I ask them.

"Tryouts for what?"

"Everything. Cheer, Baskettball, Soccer, Track, Lacrosse, Football, Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Wrestling..." I say. "You didn't know?"

"I'm going out for the cheer team." States Emily.

"I'm doing Lacrosse!!" Alexis calls out.

"I was thinking about joining the Track Team, or Soccer Team. Can I do both?"

"OF COURSE you can!" Alexis puts a very large emphasis on 'of course.'

**Hey Again! Hope You Like It... Was It Better Than The Last One? Thanks For Reading! Love Ya'll<3**

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