nash grier?

my best friend, matt, is all the sudden getting famous and I'm stuck in the middle of it. ;)


9. 9 ~

A/N ~ ok so i am so sorry that i kinda forgot about this story and left on a cliffhanger and i honestly don't remember what i was gonna have it be or anything so this chapter will kinda suck while i get into the story again and thx for all the reads and favs xx



[lilacs pov]

I feel Hayes' arm around me, but I instantly push him off, "Dude, no." I say, I may have kissed him but not like I'm all the sudden interested.


"Sorry, I just… you're not a slut, you are actually really great.." He says, shyly. I just smile back a ruffle his hair. He may be a little perv but he is so genuine and caring.


The rest of the things shouted at me I ignored, and when we finally got inside the doors, I turned, and flipped off the crowd, but since I'm a classy lady, I them blew a kiss. 


"Someone is a bit sassy." I hear a familiar voice. I turn around to see Cam.


"Shut up." I simply comment because I'm really not in the mood, and just want to take a nap on Matt's shoulder.


We then go through security, and all that, which took a while bc, well, security takes awhile, but when we finally got to our waiting area. I sat by Matt, cuddling him, and was about to take a nap, when our flight got called. 


Fuck you, airport.


We weren't first class because there was too many of us, and if you didn't know normal seating is 3 the an aisle then 3 more, and lucky me got Cameron, and Nash next to me. 


I sat aisle so Matt and I could take and he took the aisle next to me to because, lets be real, he can't live without me. I don't blame him Im basically white Beyonce.


5 minutes after taking off, Nash poked my arm. "May I help you?" I say taking 1 earbud out, 5SOS was playing and I was really digging it.


"I am bored, Cameron, over here, fell asleep! Let's play 20 questions!" Nash said excitedly, but I was not as thrilled, but hey Nash is pretty cute, so..


"Okay, but I am still going to listen to my music on low.", I was about to put my earbud back in when Nash took it, and put it in his own.


"Sharing is caring." He said, giving me a million dollar cheesy smile. Got he is adorable.


"Um..Thanks?" Nash said blushing. Wait, what?


"Oh my fuck, did I say that out loud!"






A/N stopping here tell me what you think idk if I'm liking it or not but I'm just going with it!







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