nash grier?

my best friend, matt, is all the sudden getting famous and I'm stuck in the middle of it. ;)


8. 8 ~

[lilac pov]


Taylor laughed and said, "yea right.." 

"OH YEA! LOOK!", and he showed the vine. I saw all their mouth drops, then all look at me on nash's lap. 

"Ok, but look at the vine after that!" I got up and scrolled up to see the next vine. They all made a 'oh i see' face, then Aaron asked, "Then why were you on Nash's lap?" 

"Ohh um, well.." I said not knowing what to say.

"Why not?" Nash says, and they all just shrug. Good thing Nash saved me. I then sat down next to Nash when he grabbed my waist, and pulled me onto his lap. I looked at him, and smiled shyly, and he did the same. I then leaned on his chest, and went on my phone. 

*fast forward a couple hours*

its been a few hours, and its 11:00 am. We are still in the same spots, just scattered, and I was still on Nash's lap.

"Guys! We have to be at the airport to go to Magcon at 7:30 am! We gotta get all out stuff together!" Carter said, almost yelling.

"Okay! Guys, get your stuff together, and shit!" Cameron said. 

Since I already had my stuff packed and waiting at the door, along with Matt's stuff (that I packed by the way) Matt and I got to chill, while everyone was hecktickly running around.

After about 30 minutes, Cameron came back and sat down next to me on the floor. "What do you want?" I say stubbornly. 

" Just thought we could chill together!" Cam says.

"Aw, Cam!!! Thats so cute!" I say like a baby.

"I know! OMG!" Then we hug, "Now get off me!" He says. So I do and laugh, we have a love hate relationship, I thinks its cute because one second we are lovely dove then the next we are yelling at each other. 

*flash forward again lol to 7:30*

We are all in the airport surrounded by fans right now. They all are yelling different things, mostly "have my babies" or "i love you" but a few other weird things. Some people are actually yelling at me too! Thats when I hear, "YOU SLUT! YOU DONT DESERVE NASH, BITCH!"

Im honestly a little hurt, one because I kinda do like Nash, two is that she doesn't even know me, and three its probably true because I'm me and nash is nash. 

I start to tear up, when I feel arms around me….

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