nash grier?

my best friend, matt, is all the sudden getting famous and I'm stuck in the middle of it. ;)


7. 7 ~

[ kylie pov ] 

* one week later* 

i met the rest of the boys and they all seemed pretty cool, cam and me still are in a love hate kinda thing, nash and me are friends, except we do flirt a lot haha, and then hayes, nash's brother, flirt with me and ttys to get with me even though he is like 9. right now, me matt, hayes, and nash were chilling at mine and matt's house waiting for the others to get back with the pizza.

"Kylie, while we wait you wanna do something fun?" hayes asked. 

"What?" I asked, alreading knowing it would be perverted. 

"We could…make some babies!" Hayes said, as if he didn't already know the answer.

"Hayes, when are you gonna stop already!?" Matt says while on his phone.

"Never!!!" Hayes yells, then comes and sits next to me and wraps his arms around my waist.

"Hayes? What do I need to do for you to stop this forever?" I quizzed.

"Kiss me!" I gave him a look, then he continued, " If you kiss me, on the lips, then I will forever leave you alone, but I will get a small amount of bragging rights." He said and then I turned to face him. 

"Fine." I smirked, "Deal!" He then scooted back a little.

"Really?!" He looked shocked.

"Yes." I said and we both leaned in and kissed. I went for a normal kiss and Hayes about to go for the tongue when I moved back. "Wow, slow down there!" I laughed. 

"No fair! That's it!" He yelled. 

"Hayes, shut up, you kissed her, now stop flirting with her." Nash said.

"You're just jealous cause she kissed me, not you." Hayes smirked.

"But I didn't choose too kiss you." I told Hayes.

"Well, you barely kissed me, I want tongue and all, or I won't stop!" He smirked again.

"Oh my god, Hayes!" I said and leaned in, and we kissed again, sadly. He went for the tongue, and this time I let him, and we were kinda making out when I heard a laugh. I stopped kissing and looked over. "What?" I questioned. 

Matt replied, "Look." Showed me his phone and saw that he posted a video of me and Hayes kissing on the app, Vine!

"Why would you do that!" I yelled. 

" I don't know." Matt chuckled.

I grabbed his phone and hit the video button and said, "Ok, that was a bet, or deal, or whatever, I don't like Hayes!" I said and uploaded it. 

"Why didn't you just make a vine on your own?" Nash asked. 

"I don't have one, why?" I responded.

"Can we make you one?" Nash said, and I handed him my phone. five minutes later he said, "Okay, now come here!" I walked over, and then he pulled me onto his lap, and he took a pic of us, him kissing me cheek and I was looking down blushing, and made it my profile pic.

He then got his phone out, and made a vine of us. He said, "Go follow my bæ Kylie!" I then did a funny face and Nash laughed, and then it was over. I was getting off of his lap, when we pulled m back down and said, "No, I like you here!" and I stayed on Nash's lap, when the door opened, and Hayes said...

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