nash grier?

my best friend, matt, is all the sudden getting famous and I'm stuck in the middle of it. ;)


5. 5 ~

i turned around and saw the most beautiful human being in my life.

  " kylie, this is nash! " matt never told me his friends was so cute. 

  " hey " i tried to sound call as i stared into his blue eyes. he didn't say anything back, so we were just staring for a while until cameron had to ruin it.

  " what the fuck are they doing? " after cameron said that nash got out of it and so did i. 

  " oh, um…. wait, whats going on here? " nashs voice was heaven.

  nash sits down on matt's bed next to cameron, and continues to eat his sandwich, while matt and i kinda just stand there awkwardly, until matt pulls me aside…..

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