nash grier?

my best friend, matt, is all the sudden getting famous and I'm stuck in the middle of it. ;)


4. 4 ~

 " who are you? " 

  " im kylie, who are you, and why are you at my house??" i should probably stop saying my house, but its a habit, and i don't ever plan to change it.

  " im cameron dallas, as you probably already know, but no pictures. and this is matt's house! " oh so this is " cam ".

  " where is matt anyway? " 

  " here! " i turn around to see matt pulling of him pant zipper. " i had to go to the bathroom, sorry. oh, i see you've met kylie!" 

  " matt, why is this boy at my house? " 

  " he is at your house because he is one of the people i want you to meet, one of the magcon boys!"

  " you have got to be shitting me." these idiots are matt's friends.

  " wait, this is your friend, kylie, but she doesn't look like, well, no offense…" cameron is making me mad.

  " yes, this is kylie, she is my best friend, and you shall respect her. " this is why i love matt. 

  " hey guys, sorry, i was making a sandwich." ANOTHER PERSON! GOD! can't wait to meet him, as i turn around i see …..

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