nash grier?

my best friend, matt, is all the sudden getting famous and I'm stuck in the middle of it. ;)


3. 3~

  i just got  to matt's house. i still have no clue who he wants me to meet, maybe "cam" from on the phone, but still i don't know who "cam" is>

  " matty! I'm home! " i call his house my house since I'm always there, i even have a key so every time i go i say the same ' matty I'm home ' and its kinda a habit now.

  " MATT! WHO IS THIS GIRL THAT BROKE INTO YOUR HOUSE! " if matt makes me meet an riot i swear….

  i decided to yell back since it was " my house ". " um, what are YOU doing in MY house! " i walked through the hallway into matt's room. i found where the racket was, but i don't think i wanted too…..

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