nash grier?

my best friend, matt, is all the sudden getting famous and I'm stuck in the middle of it. ;)


2. 2 ~

today is just another boring day. matt is gone again with his new magcon friends. i don't really know who they are since I'm not into vine or youtube or instagram and stuff. i only use twitter to see what ariana grande, miley cyrus, all time low, and other artists are up to. 

  im gonna call matt, and see what time he is getting back so we can hang out, we haven't in a while, and a while for us is about 2 days, but we are inseparable. 

  " hey matt! when can we hang out again, i miss you! "

  " oh hey kylie - no cam STOP! no I'm on the phone - and, um, i have some people i want you to meet my house in five min. ? " 

" yea, suure, i guess…. BYE! "

well, i guess ill be going to matt's house…..

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