Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


9. Chapter 9.

Niall's P.O.V

We sat with the guys as we all ate our breakfast laughing and all . The whole time My hand rested on Harry's knee and he didn't tell me to move it . He put his hand ontop of mine to make sure it doesn't move . I might be fancying Harry alot . He's been making me feel some type of way since I kissed him . I think I've been wanting more . This morning I craved it . I'm craving it more than  food .Now I know! there's something wrong with that . 

Me and Harry haven't talked alot to everyone . We just made this eye contact with eachother . I would wink at him occasionally and I would watch him show that sexy dimple on the side of his face as his cheeks Light up bright red . Nobody saw this becaus they were all in their own world . "

So after the game what are we gonna do if we win " Louis asked everyone . "Well we can't just go home we gotta turn up!" Austin shouted . Everyone at our table agreed . "Maybe we could go to a club or something " Alex suggested . "You're not even on the team .. Girl " Austin scoffed . "Nobody fucking asked you shit face !!" She got out her seat ready to punch Austin but Zayn caught her .

"Well I think that's a good Idea baby " Zayn said to Alex kissing her for comfort . "Ew !" Louis said and everyone laughed as she punched his arm playfully . "I think its a good Idea too . What about you Niall ?" Carter asked me . "Well ..I guess that would be cool " I said then looking at Harry . "Hey if everyone is going I'm in too" Harry said . Everyone cheered . "Woow this is weird !" Louis exclaimed .

"What's so weird ?
" Harry chuckled . "You NEVER I mean NEVERR agree with anybody .. Are you yourself today ?" Louis questioned . Everyone agreed . "Okay look guys I'm still the same Harry . Its just ... I'm not at school today . Theres no assholes pissing me off . Just me, My best mates , and My brother " He smiled . I felt him grab onto my hand holding it firmly . "Brother ?" I questioned . "Yes .. Welcome to the family " He smiled at me . I smiled back . I couldn't believe he just said that . He called me brother for the first time . Its like a baby saying its first words except this is a teenager and he hated me . Or atleast .. Yeah he hated me . 

(When they got back home )

Me and Harry walked in the flat after leaving everyone . I have to be at the game at 6 and its 3 o'clock right now so I had time to rest . We went shopping and we ate about 3 times . None of it was healthy but since when have I aten a salad really ? .

I threw my bags down on the floor kicking my vans off and ploping down on the recliner . "Want me to take your things to your room Master Niall ? " Terrance asked . "Yes please . I'm quite tired " I sighed . "I'll have Malinda bring you a water before we go . We'll be back after your game " He told me . "Thats fine " I said . He nodded grabbing my stuff off the floor and taking it upstairs . 

A couple minutes after Malinda gave me a water bottle and she left I got really hungry . Finally heres a chance to do something by myself . I got up and walked into the kitchen and looked in the cabinets to find cookies . Yas my favourite kind! . I started to smash on cookies and took me out a glass of milk . As I was eating Harry walked into the kitchen with sweat pants on and no shirt .

His faint abs showed and his little bit of pubic hair . I didn't know he had chest tattoos either . He looked at me and smiled crossing his arms . "I see you eating my cookies I was just coming down here to get  . " "I was hungry " I chuckled . " Me too .But all the sudden I'm not hungry for cookies anymore " He bit his lip walking over to me ."Well good because they're all gone " .He chuckled sexy like

"That's Okay " He played with the waist band of my pants . I was getting turned on by this oddly . I bit my lip watching his hands for while . I squeezed my eyes tight moaning quitely . "Someones Horny " He smirked . I looked down at the grown erection sticking out . I looked back up at his face moving a little bit more so our chest touched .

Our faces were lined as slid my hand into his sweats to find out he wasnt wearing anything under it . I took his length in my palm and began to move my hand up and down the entire thing . Hitched moans escaped from his mouth . I began to smirk at his animal like sounds . "Fuck!" He cursed loudly .

His hand gently slid down his sweats not wanting me to stop . His face was turning a shade of pink as he bit his lower lip . I attached my lips onto his kissing him sliding my tongue down his throat . He did the same to me as I began to go faster and faster  . We released and me moaned louder " I-I'm close " He groaned . "Go ahead " I told him and he released all over the floor . I smirked biting my lip .

"You're sexy when you do that " Harry said smirking back as he touched my erection . It felt so good . But our time was then interrupted when we heard the door open . Harry quickly pulled up his sweats and I retured to my side of the kicthen and just in time Malinda walked in . "I forgot my phone .

Master Niall you spilled milk everywhere " Malinda sighed as she grabbed a towel about to clean it . "No I got it its okay " I told her taking the towel from her . She just shrugged and walked out the kitchen and out of the flat . I heard Harry's chuckle while I cleaned up the mess he had made .

\"You know you have good hands " He told me . I shrugged " I was told I could do a thing or 2 with these " I smiled . "Oh really ? Who told you that " He asked . "Myself " I said honestly laughing at myself . He punched my arm laughing with me . This moment we had . I don't know if I should be disapointed that he left me with a boner or if I should be satisfied . Its cool either way I guess 


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